For Love of Bryce

"My name is Jennifer Scott & I along with my husband Noah, our surviving twin Chayce, & our newest addition coming July 2013, Mckynzie, with help from family, made these diapers with all our love, to help not only honor our Sweet Angel Bryce but also to hopefully, help bereaved families start to find comfort & peace. 

Bryce & Chayce are identical twins. The day we found out we were expecting identical twin boys was also the day we found out that they were very sick with a horrible disease called TTTS & after a long, hard fight & surgeries, Our sweet recipient Bryce passed away at 24 weeks gestation, 10 weeks later we delivered both of our beautiful boys, 3lb 5 oz. Chayce Allen Scott & our beautiful sleeping angel Bryce Lee Scott. 

Survivor twin Chayce:
Though I thank God everyday for the miracle we call Chayce, & am so very thankful for him, there is not a day that goes by that I do not miss Bryce, & wonder what they would be like together. The want & need to help other mothers, fathers & families who are having to struggle with the loss of their sweet baby is what inspired me to become apart of this beautiful group of people! If I can help just one mother begin to heal, to help to take away one ounce of pain, then I feel that I have succeeded." ~Jennifer, mother to Bryce

Diapers donated in memory of Bryce Lee Scott:

"We donated 26 sets of big diapers & 27 sets of little diapers to Baptist East Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, where my sweet boys were born.  We also donated 26 sets of big diapers & 27 sets of little diapers to Central Baptist in Lexington, Kentucky!  So 104 big diapers & 108 little diapers were sewed in memory of our sweet angel Bryce Lee Scott." ~Jennifer