For Love of Eiliyah

"The whole reason I made these diapers is because SO many people I knew were either having miscarriages or other pregnancy issues and I had this strong desire to do anything that would help them feel like they were loved and that their angels were special and did matter. I first was going to make some hats and other baby items for the local nicu's but when I came across the picture of a diaper next to a quarter and realized that was how tiny my nephew had been when he was born I had to learn more. I went to the Teeny Tears blog and after reading about the struggle some parents had with not being able to bury their child without a diaper I felt I had to try and help babies have some dignity even in death. So I pulled out my sewing machine (which I didn't know how to use, my grandma had given it to me and I couldn't figure the stinking thing out!). I taught myself first how to use the machine and with some help from the lovely ladies on the Teeny Tears facebook page I was able to sew some diapers! 

I made these diapers in memory of Eiliyah Rose Allred, a beautiful angel who in her short time on earth brought love to many people." ~Amy A., Teeny Tears volunteer an friend to angel families

These beautiful diapers and teeny little blankets were donated in memory of Eiliyah Rose Allred for the families of Alta View Hospital in Sandy, Utah.