For Love of Joshua Part #4 and #5

"Two months ago I was e mailing hospitals to try and get Teeny Tears into all my area hospitals. I didn't get a response but I was hoping to contact them all again soon. So I worked and delivered diapers to the hospital I delivered Joshua at. I asked them to help contact other hospitals and they agreed they would try.

A month later I get a return email from Springhill Medical Center asking for diapers.

24 Teeny Tear Diapers along with 12 Joshua's Gift blanked were donated to their Nursery.

The nurses loved them, one nurse was overwhelmed and thanked me for caring enough and loving all the angle babies. They were so thankful to get these diapers. I made sure they knew to contact us when they started running low.

Springhill Medical Center has a special place in Joshua's family. Joshua's 3 older brothers Collin, Aden, and Landon were born there." ~Crystal, mommy to Joshua

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Diapers for Springhill Medical Center:

Joshua's Aunt Heather works at a pregnancy crises center. They have very few women who call when they have a late loss. One did today at a hospital who didn't have Teeny Tears Diapers yet so my sister called me requesting diapers. We got them one set quickly and will be setting them up with more soon. ~Crystal, Joshua's mommy

First set to Women's Resource Center in Saraland, Alabama