For Love of Liam

"Liam is the first born son of my first born son! After many years of teasing all my children that I wanted to be a grandma and what are they waiting for, I got the best news ever, I was going to be a grandma!!!! Everything was normal and progressing as it should. My son is in the Army in Kansas and was out on a 2 week training, my daughter in law woke early Sunday morning, my son was due home later that day. She laid in bed enjoying Liam kicking and moving around...she dosed off and woke later, busying herself before my son came home.

In all of the excitement of the day, she realized she had not felt Liam kicking, she was 7 1/2 months pregnant She laid down waiting to count the movements....nothing. They went straight to the hospital, there it was confirmed there was no heartbeat. No heartbeat.... Liam Ethan was delivered a few days later, August 22, 2012, perfect, he was perfect, he got his cord wrapped around his neck......and received his angel wings. All of our lives forever changed.
We all deal with our grief differently, I wanted to do something for moms and dads going through similar circumstances. I am so thankful for the caring staff at Irwin Army Community Hospital; they took such good care of my daughter in law and son. I especially wanted to help military personnel who have no family close by to comfort them.

My daughter in law lovingly showed me her memory box of Liam's things.... things that had touched him.... I knew I needed to find something that would be special to others.

I came across Teeny Tears, I showed it to my daughter in law and asked for her blessings. I wanted to send diapers in Liam's memory on his birthday. She said she liked it and that is would make his birthday a little less sad.

My daughter in law took the samples to the hospital and they loved the diapers and thought it was such a great idea!! We decided not to wait for Liam's birthday because they may be needed sooner." ~Lynn, angel grandmother to Liam.
Lynn has so far donated 196 diapers to 5 different hospitals in memory of her grandson, Liam Ethan Eichelberger.
These diapers have been donated for angel families of:

Irwin Army Community Hospital in Fort Riley, Kansas
Johnson County Hospital in Tecumseh, Nebraska
Community Memorial Hospital in Syracuse, Nebraska
For the families of Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee
And for those served by Mike O'Callaghan Federal Medical Center on Nellis AFB in Nevada
Thank you, Lynn, for your sweet service to angel families everywhere!