For Love of Millie -- Arcadia Cotton

We received this letter from a mother that had received a set of Teeny Tears diapers from her local hospital for her angel baby:

"My name is Barbie, and the other day I delivered a sleeping angel. I was 22 weeks when Millie got here, she only weighed 1lb. As you know, that's not something you prepare for, it was unexpected and devastated all of us. In our time of darkness, I was thankful that people like you guys exist. We received one of your little diapers, and it gave me peace to know my beautiful little daughter had something to wear that was made with love. I was very thankful for that. Anyways, I just wanted to send you guys a huge thank you from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Its people like you guys that make the world a better place, thanks for being caring and creating something special to remember our little angels by. God bless you all." ~Barbie, angel mommy to Millie

When we received this sweet note from Millie's mom, we knew that we wanted to make a donation from our headquarters team in memory of Millie for other angel families.  

Thanks to Arcadia Cotton for a donation of beautiful flannels, we were able to make a donation of 72 diapers in memory of Millie for families at Greenville Memorial in Greenville, South Carolina.  Thank you, Arcadia Cotton!  And thank you to Cyndie Call and Vanessa for transforming the fabric into diapers!