For Love of the Pollard Angels -- All Brands

Thank you so much,, for the great flannels that made this donation of 342 diapers possible!
And thank you, Cataract Lasik Center of Utah for your wonderful service project, transforming this beautiful fabric into diapers.
Vanessa Pollard is the Vice President of Teeny Tears and my right-hand gal.  Sometimes she is also my left hand.  And occasionally the more sensible portion of my brain.  Today she shares the story of her three angels:

"At 18 weeks something didn't feel right in my pregnancy. It was the day of our big ultrasound and were so excited to find out if our baby was healthy and a boy or a girl. Sometime during the morning I realized things were drastically wrong. I called the doctors office and they told me to come right in. Within minutes of being examined it was discovered the baby and amniotic sac were coming into my cervix and I was diagnosed me with an incompetent cervix. I was sent to the hospital to consult with a high risk doctor and determine a plan. I was placed on strict bed rest in the hospital and told the only chance of our baby's survival would be getting the amniotic sac to go back into my body through medication and gravity. If that worked they planned to do a surgery to put in a stitch that would hopefully hold the baby in my body till viability. 12 hours after checking into the hospital my water broke and our son was born. We named him Adam and were lucky to hold him for the 30 minutes he was alive. Our family was shattered. We had many years of infertility and miscarriages and now we had lost our son. They offered a few items of clothing and services, but it was such a clinical experience. We left the hospital without our son and buried him in a local cemetery 2 days later and 5 days before Christmas.

We never doubted that we should try again to have a baby. After a plan of action being put in place regarding my care once I was pregnant we forged ahead with infertility treatments. We were pregnant the first attempt and were thrilled. As we went in for our appointment with our doctor we were anxious to make sure everything was just fine. That is when we got the most shocking information of our lives. We were having twins. They were deemed healthy and measuring right on track, but this was going to take my care in a totally different direction. After a few other issues we finally made it to the point where we could place a stitch in my cervix to help my body hold these babies in. Soon after that surgery was completed I found myself on bed rest at home. At 18 weeks I was at an appointment and the stitch was failing. My cervix was dilating. I was immediately taken to labor and delivery and another surgery was performed to place another stitch to help the other one. As I awoke from the surgery I realized my life would forever be different. I was taken upstairs to remain in the hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy. I spent my time in the hospital learning all there was to know about my babies. While in the hospital we learned they were two fraternal twin girls and I knew their personalities and talked to them all the time. At 22 weeks my water broke on baby A and all seemed lost. We were told she could survive as long as I stayed down and did what the doctors told me to do. 

We talked to Perinatologists about success rates, viability and everything in between. 4 days later I began to feel the labor pains and knew it was the beginning of the end. After being examined we knew the worst was happening. Baby A was delivering past the stitches. I was rushed to labor and delivery where I would give birth to the tiniest of angels at 11:45 pm. We named her Cayla Quinn Pollard. We of course knew she was far too fragile to place a breathing tube and we wanted her with us when she passed away. One hour and forty-five minutes later surrounded by our families and friends we said good bye to our first daughter. The battle was not over. I had been in labor for hours and Baby B still had yet to progress to delivery. There was no way to stop it from happening, yet it wouldn't happen. Around 9:00 am the next morning Marley Rae Pollard was born. She was also too small to survive and we loved every minute we were given with her alive on Earth. The experience I had with this loss was warm, inviting and spiritual. It was so different from the birth of Adam. We had an amazing NILMDTS photographer who came and captured the most love filled hours of our life. We were given two sets of dresses. A matching pink set and white set. They were buried in the white set and we still are able to look and hold the pink set. I cannot imagine not having the items we were given. Our daughters were laid to rest 3 days later on their daddy's 30th birthday.

14 months after we buried our daughters we were granted a medical miracle and carried a baby to 36 weeks. She was born tiny, but healthy and came home with us. She is three now and whenever she asks we take out her sister's memory box and we touch all the contents inside. I tell her about her brother and sisters and I try to explain how much I love them.

Being able to work as a partner at Teeny Tears has given my hands and heart something to do. I do it for the names of the angels are being spoken all over the country and world. I do it for my kids. I do it for my daughter who watches me cut, sew and count diapers daily. I do it for the people who made and donated the most cherished items I own." ~Vanessa, Vice President of Teeny Tears and angel mama to Adam, Cayla, and Marley

Teeny Tears SLC Diaper Diva Domonique is responsible for many many diapers being trimmed and flipped and is an employee at the Cataract Lasik Center of Utah. She is also the angel grandmother to Adam, Cayla, and Marley Pollard.

Every year the employees of the Cataract & Lasik Center of Utah have their annual spa day and they like to make sure they mix in a little bit of service in their down time between treatments. Vanessa P cut and first-sewed several hundred diapers to be trimmed and flipped. Then fabric was cut into over 100 diapers and sewn by members of of the Cataract and Lasik staff. All the top stitching work was completed by Vanessa and Barbara B.
These diapers were donated to Sanpete Valley Hospital in Mount Pleasant, Utah
Central Valley Medical Center in Nephi, Utah
Castle Medical Center in Kailua, Hawaii
And Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS) of Davis County, Utah

Thank you so much,!