Diapers by Kim

A message from Northwest Diaper Dreamer, Carol...

"Kim Smith is a Northwest Diaper Dreamer and started sewing diapers when Jana and I did. Kim would probably not say much about herself, so I will. Kim has been my friend for nearly 30 years. We have been through a lot of life together. She is always supportive of me and my family. We meet together once a week to sew. Jana went to her house and told her she was expecting, Kim was beyond excited. Then we found out they were identical twin boys. There were issues with the pregnancy. When Jana would call me and I was not close by, Kim would drive to Bellingham and meet Jana and support her. 

 The day I drove home after Cohen and Carter were born and very early in the morning had to call Kim and tell her Carter had passed away. She was by my side in 30 minutes. Kim is an incredible woman with a HUGE heart for the angel babies. 

 Kim and her daughter McKenna make diapers in memory of Carter Garen Kimmel, my Grandson. Kim is always willing to host a diaper party in her home. Kim took home over 10 yards of fabric from our diaper party last week, She said she would cut diapers. We were shocked when she returned a bag of 500 cut out diapers THE NEXT DAY! Kim loves to take on the smaller hospitals, so she can be sure to make a matching tiny blanket with each set of diapers. We love you Kim!"  ~Carol, Northwestern Diaper Dreamer

 16 diapers plus blankets for families of Kona Community Hospital in Kealekekua, Hawaii
52 diapers plus a collection of blankets for Union Hospital in Elkton, Maryland.
40 diapers plus blankets for Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello, Idaho.
In memory of Carter Garen Kimmel.

Thank you, Kim!!