For Love of Savannah, Sweet Savannah Knits

Courtney Dussman, the creator of Sweet Savannah Knits, serves preemies in a variety of ways, all in memory of sweet Savannah Rae.  From knitted clothing for preemies in the NICU to Teeny Tears bereavement diapers for preemie angel babies, Savannah's memory lives on through her family's service in her name.
"I felt SO BLESSED to be Savannah's Mommy! What a wonderful gift she has given me. She has given me the ability to make a difference in other families' lives just as others did for our family during her time in the NICU .

Our mission is to provide comfort and warmth by giving hand knit hats and booties to anyone who has or knows a baby in the NICU. When my daughter was in the NICU, the nurses put the tiniest bow in her hair and I remember that it meant so much to me. It was a small act that brought a moment of joy in a very scary time. I want to provide this for other families!" 
~Courtney, angel mama to Savannah

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Courtney was nominated for her dedicated service as a Remarkable Woman in the Chicago Tribune:
Courtney recently donated Teeny Tears diapers as well as itty bitty blankets for angel families served by Edward Hospital in Naperville, Illinois.

"Savannah Rae is truly a miracle baby. She fought all odds against her. She made it past the first trimester, second trimester and into the third. She was born alive and lived for 4 days. She is my hero! I believe with all my heart that she was brought to me for a reason. I may never know why but that is ok. What I do know is that I have learned lifelong lessons from her." ~Courtney

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