For Love of Aaron

"On February 25th of 1979 our second son, Aaron William, was born 5 weeks early. He seemed strong and healthy even though he was small (4 lbs). He kicked and cried to make his presence known. Because of his premature birth his lungs were not fully developed. His heart also had problems due to his early arrival. He was given oxygen and monitored carefully. There was a thick heavy fog in Vernal, Utah all that day and into the night.

In the earlier months of my pregnancy I'd had feelings that Aaron would not be with us long, even though there was no medical indication that there was anything wrong. I'd started a journal for our first son, Thomas, while I was pregnant with him, writing little notes to him such as, “Today I felt you kick for the first time.” I kept that journal for Tom all through my pregnancy with him and after his birth, reporting on his progress as he rolled over for the first time, learned to sit by himself and took his first step. I wrote down the cute things he said as a toddler and when he was old enough to hold a pen I helped him write down his experiences in his own words. I intended to do the same thing with all my children. When I became pregnant with Aaron, however, I had a very different feeling. I kept seeing in my mind a journal with only one entry, with the rest of the pages blank. There were other things that happened, other indications that Aaron would take a different journey than my other children, but each experience was also accompanied by a peaceful feeling.

Eighteen hours after Aaron was born the doctor informed us that our baby boy was struggling and it didn't appear that he was going to last much longer. The fog made it impossible for emergency transportation to take him to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. For some reason, instead of the worry and disappointment I might have felt in such a situation, I felt relief. I wanted Aaron to stay close by because I was sure if they whisked him away on a helicopter I would not be with him when he made his final journey from this life. As it was, I was able to be with him in his last moments. A comforting feeling enveloped me and I knew things were as they should have been. Heavenly Father took him home the day after he was born, on February 26th.

Aaron is my sweet angel in Heaven, watching over me and my family. He is filling up the pages of his journal in a different world, a better world, one which I look forward to sharing with him someday. In the meantime, these many years later, I have found a way to serve others who have lost their little angels so early in their lives. Teeny Tears and other organizations like it were unheard of 30 years ago, and it is wonderful to see that despite some of the negative things that are happening in this world, there are also wonderful, positive things happening to comfort mothers who have had to say goodbye too soon to their own little angels."  With Love, Aaron's mom, Judy."

Judy today
The Activity Days Girls from the Davis 2nd Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Vernal, Utah helped to make diapers in memory of Aaron for a service project.  They cut, trimmed, and flipped in memory of Aaron, creating diapers for families in Sidney, Nebraska with the rest donated though headquarters for distribution.