For Love of Caleb and Laurie

"My husband and I were told that we would never be able to conceive a child on our own. Surprise, surprise we had our beautiful daughter Ellie. Years had gone by and we spoiled our little girl. We decided it was time to add to our family. After a year of trying and no baby we turned to fertility pills. The first round, boy were we surprised that we were expecting. We were over the top. We went for our first ultrasound and they couldn't find the baby, the doctors said that it may be to soon. So we went for several more ultrasounds never thinking that there was something wrong. They still had not been able to find the baby after several weeks. We went to another doctor after I had gotten so sick and they thought that the baby had not attached. So they sent us to the hospital for a D&C and we went home empty armed. We were devastated.

I received a call from the doctors office the next day and they said that there was no fetal tissue and they believed that it was an eptopic pregnecy. We were rushed back to the hospital and because I was so far along they didn't know if they would be able to save my tube. Low and behold, they were able to save my tube. When I was in recovery my doctor asked me what names we had picked out and I decded that we would name him Caleb Michael. The doctors baptized our little angel as Caleb Michael.

My husband and I decided that we would stop trying. We could not go through the heart break again because we were told that we were now at an increased chance of another eptopic pregnecy. 10 months later I was sick and the doctors ran a pregnacy test. We were shocked when it was positive. I remember going for the first ultrasound so scared that it was going to be the same result. They found a little baby. I was still so scared that something was going to happen. I was so careful with everything I did. Then 2 months before my due date my water broke. I knew that it was too early. We went to the hospital and I delivered a beautiful baby girl Emma Grace. After a traumatic delivery, our baby was not breathing. They worked on her for 20 mins and were able to get her breathing on her own but she would have to stay in the NICU. We took up camp at Rochester General Hospital. They were wonderful. I have never meet such wonderful nurses and staff. They were there for any questions or concerns that we had. They helped my oldest understand what was going on.

A year later we found out that I was expecting again. HOLY CROW! Our little one was just a year old. After my primary work up we found out that I had cervical cancer and was told that I should end my pregnancy. I would hear nothing of it. The doctors agreed to remove as much of the cancer as they could, sew me up, and pray for the best. At this point it was in God's hands. We prayed. I don't think that we have ever prayed so hard. Every week that passed the doctors were amazed that Ava was still holding on. Just a few days shy of my due date we delivered a healthy beautiful baby girl Ava Hope. Eight weeks later I had a hysterectomy and am 2 years cancer free.

My sister Laurie passed away last summer suddenly. With all this grief in my heart, I did not know what to do. Then one day I was on facebook and I saw the Teeny Tears group and I thought to myself. MMMMM I think I can do that. I love to sew and that would help me put my grief into something good and something that would help other mothers who have angels babies." ~Jennifer, mother to Caleb and sister to Laurie.

These diapers have been donated in memory of Caleb and Laurie.