For Love of Cassidy Part #7

"80 diapers and blankets (40 sets: 24 to L&D, 16 to NICU) donated to Minot ND's Trinity hospital in memory Of Cassidy Jane Austin. When my sister lost her little girl, she recruited me to work on teeny tears diapers. I live in a different state but I feel like the teeny tears diapers project has helped me to mourn with Carrie, and feel closer to her and my little Angel baby niece Cassidy." ~Cindy Ferree, angel aunty to Cassidy

 Cindy's friend Liseth helping to trim and flip diapers.

Another of our volunteers, Jeanette Sykes sent blankets to go with the diapers, since they didn't have many things at the hospital. She took the time to crochet around the blankets, and even added little beads and special ribbon that mentions angel babies.

All items have been donated to Trinity Hospital in Minot, North Dakota in memory of Cassidy Jane Austin.