For Love of Joshua Part #7 and #8

In 2009 shortly after having my 5th child I decided to volunteer at a Crisis pregnancy center in Saraland Al. I worked going through donations and setting up a baby room for mother to buy things for their babies with points they get from going through a parenting class. These baby's are unplanned, but they are very much loved and wanted. These mothers have chosen life for their babies. 

Sadly, sometimes even when they have done everything right the unthinkable happens and their babies don't make it. There are times when the only place these women have to turn to is the Women's Resource Centers of Alabama. There are 2 locations close to me. One in Saraland Al and one in Mobile Al. They have both received 6 sets each. In memory of Joshua Henson Greer. ~Crystal, angel mother to Joshua

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