In Memory of TTTS Angels

The Teeny Tears project has been supported by many families whose lives have been changed forever by Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS).  You can read more about these families and their angel babies by clicking here.

Laurie Hamlin is raising her twin daughters that survived TTTS and has been actively involved with TTTS advocacy for many years.  Laurie, her family, and the Beavercreek High School National Honor Society held an event in order to provide Teeny Tears diapers, sleepsacks, and blankets in memory of TTTS angel babies who did not survive their battles against this devastating disease.  All items have been donated to Kettering Medical Center in Kettering, Ohio and Akron Children's Hospital.

In the Dayton Daily News:
"I am incredibly thankful to be part of the TTTS family and for this opportunity to honor the tiny angels and their families that I have come to love so much. I am thrilled that young people at Beavercreek High School volunteered to help with such an important project. The idea of Teeny Tears carrying on into their generation warms my heart."  ~Laurie, mom to TTTS survivors Julianne and Leah; friend to TTTS angel babies everywhere

The Beavercreek National Honor Society service project:
Sleepsacks and blankets
Laurie's daughters and TTTS survivors Julianne and Leah, with Dr. Julian DeLia, the doctor who performed their life-saving in-utero surgery.
Julianne and Leah manning a Teeny Tears booth at the TTTS Foundation Awareness and Parent Conference.  To find out more about the TTTS Foundation and its mission, please click here.
Thank you, Hamlin family and Beavercreek National Honor Society!