MJ's Memories Part #2

Thanks to the wonderful relationships we have been able to build across the bereavement community and the cooperative spirit of our volunteers, we are often able to connect our volunteers with bereavement support organizations within their own communities.

Such was the case with volunteer seamstress and gifted crocheter Diana.  She had been donating her beautiful layettes locally for years.  Diana was interested in adding Teeny Tears diapers to her donations and providing her precious gifts to several more hospitals in her local area.  We were able to match her to MJ's Memories, a division of Project Sweet Peas serving families in Kansas City and Topeka, Kansas.

"MJ is gone, but he will never be forgotten. Thirty five days was not nearly enough, but he will remain in our hearts forever." ~Megan, MJ's mommy


Diana recently donated 24 sets of Teeny Tears diapers to MJ's memories along with crocheted hats, dresses, and other beautiful items for the families served by MJ's memories.
We love our volunteers!  And we love the great support organizations that are serving families on the front lines of their communities!  It's a blessing and a privilege to be able to mingle with such wonderful people in this work.