Diapering Love in Texas

"My fourth donation was to the hospital where I delivered Grant. It also happens to be the hospital where I work. I was able to deliver 77 sets of diapers 37 large sets and 40 small sets. The bereavement coordinator for labor and delivery loved them! I received an email the following day saying they had given a set to a family and that the family loved them as well. 

This donation was also a group effort from Teeny Tears Headquarters, Raindrop Memories (Keren Darden and Elizabeth Hepler) and myself. It was in honor of the babies that Raindrop Memories represents as well as Grant Bybee, Caleb Copeland and a friends baby Max Graham. I donated these items just before the anniversary of Grant's due date as well as just before Grant's little sister is to be born. It is so nice to know that families in my community are being blessed by these items."  ~Kristy, angel mother to Grant