For Love of Arlo

"My husband Michael and I met in 2006 and got married on May 23, 2009, which was the day we started trying to grow our family. Very quickly we realized we were going to have a difficult time conceiving because we found out I was not ovulating. After a few different medications/ combinations and a lot of testing, trying, and waiting, we got pregnant in December 2010. We had a super healthy pregnancy and our perfect little Rebekah was born September 6, 2011 (2 days before dad's birthday). 

We knew we wanted more children and after our previous experience trying to conceive we decided to let nature do its thing and we found out we were expecting again in June 2012. Everything seemed fine, and at our 20 week ultrasound the only thing the technician mentioned was that we were measuring about 10 days behind. Well, about 4 ultrasounds in as many weeks later, we were referred to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical center to meet with a genetic counselor and a Maternal fetal specialist, but we told that we could be quickly sent away with nothing wrong. Boy, was that doctor wrong to tell us that! 

It turns out that our son was very ill. He had developed a condition called Hydrops, which in his case was a build-up of fluid in his lungs and under his skin and an excess of amniotic fluid. There were other concerns that we never really discussed because the Hyrops was so likely to be fatal. We were given about a 10% chance and I was prepped for premature delivery with steroids and magnesium as they didn't think he would be able to make it very long. After a few more weeks, lots more tests and doctors we were eventually told our only chance of survival was to try the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (we live in Albany NY). Once we were there, they drained some of the fluid from his lungs in-utero and they did a lot more tests. They told us to prepare ourselves and gave us the option of doing nothing further or to try once last intervention in-utero if we were candidates. We were told to come back in 4 days. 

Sadly, Christmas morning (the day before we were supposed to go back) I felt no movement so we rushed down to Philadelphia right away. They found a heartbeat but his pattern indicated that he only had hours to a couple days left so we chose to deliver via c-section on December 26, 2012. Arlo Michael Church was held in daddy's arms for 20 minutes before he left us. Not long after we lost him I felt a need to help other families going through similar situations. I found Teeny Tears through facebook and knew right away this was what I needed to do! It has been a great comfort to know that these tiny diapers can really help a family in the worst moments of their life."  ~Sadie, angel mama to Arlo

These precious diapers and kimono gowns were made in memory of little Arlo by his mother, Sadie.  They have been provided for the families of CHOP, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.