For Love of Reese

"In April 2011 to my complete surprise I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd baby. I was having issues with periods and cramps so my obgyn ordered an ultrasound. It showed thickening of my uterus which can be a sign of cancer. I was terrified and a biopsy was ordered but before a biopsy it's routine to do a pregnancy test. They drew blood an I thought nothing of it. The next day I got a call saying I was in fact pregnant and the thickening they saw was not cancer but rather a baby. 

I was sad confused scared happy ad mostly overwhelmed. Once it sank in I came to terms with it and began to get excited. On August 10, 2011 I was dehydrated due to the flu I had for a few days and I know dehydration can cause preterm labor so off to the ER I went for fluids. The first thing they did was check for a heartbeat. I wasn't alarmed when he listened for a few minutes because in the office sometimes it was tricky. After looking for 5 minutes or so they took me for an ultrasound and I could tell they were concerned. The ultrasound confirmed that my baby had died. I thought for sure I was dreaming. I was induced the next day at about 10:00 pm. 

It's all a blur and I only remember bits a pieces. At 7:21 in the morning my tiny perfect baby Reese Abigail was born. I was just shy of 18 weeks. I had some comfort in immediately being able to tell why she died. The cord was around her neck 3 times so tightly that her skin was white. The hospital had nothing that small for her so for 2 days I got to see her cold and naked. It was heart wrenching!! 

It was completely by accident how I came to know of Teeny Tears.  I looked further into their organization and their mission to provide a set to every family. I knew I had to help. I lived in denial for a long time but it could only be suppressed for so long and I was really feeling the rawness and intensity of facing her death. Once I started tracing and cutting, I started to have a sense of peace. I felt closer to Reese and ye,s I was still sad but it was manageable. This is my way to honor and celebrate my angel and I know she is blessing every diaper that is made and watching over the families that get them. So thank you, Teeny Tears, for giving me this opportunity to feel close to Reese and help other families even if its just a little :)"  ~Noelle, angel mom to Reese