For Love of Kaylin

"My babygirl, Kaylin Lee, was born almost 18 years ago, October 24, 1995. She was born with anencephaly. Most devastating experience of my life to say the least. After 8 miscarriages, the last being twins, and bleeding problems, I am unable to have children and ended up having a total hysterectomy at the age of 38 (now 44); that too being one of the most devastating experiences of my life, just the decision because of the finality of it all; can't even "hope" anymore. I have come to peace with all of that, and know some day when I am called Home, I will be reunited with all of my babies then :) 

 Even though its been 18 years since Kaylin's birth/death, not a day goes by that she is not with me, on my mind, wondering where she would be at in her life as an 18 year old.... 

Finding this group has been such a Godsend- I know how devastating it was for me. I also know how much I treasure her little nighty gown that was given to me, is a huge comfort for me as that is all physically I have of her to help me through the rough times (which start about this time of year and take me through October 24th, her special day). Knowing what this group is doing for others going through such a loss just brings tears to my eyes and warms my heart and has truly been a comfort for me - I feel as though healing can finally begin to a level I never was able too before. I was always afraid somehow I would forget her, knowing I really wouldn't, but just afraid I would forget every single little detail about her, every tiny little perfect feature, her little nose which was just like mine, etc...this group has changed that thought process for me in such an amazing way, words cannot even explain (my dad even gets choked up!)" ~Rachel, angel mama to Kaylin

Angel mother Rachel has joined our project to sew teeny little diapers for any hospital in need.  She has already donated 260 diapers and several itty bitty blankets for families across the United States:

For Montclair Hospital Medical Center and San Dimas Community Hospital
Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield, Illinois
St. Luke's Magic Valley Hospital in Twin Falls, Idaho
And Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois
Thank you so much, Rachel, for all that you are doing in Kaylin's memory!