Granting Hope Ministries

Volunteer diaper seamstress and angel grandma to baby Liam made a contribution of precious diapers for the families served by Granting Hope Ministries in Arizona.
"The mission of Granting Hope Ministries is to share God's love and comfort to families who have lost a baby. Our organization distributes Baskets of Remembrance to local hospitals in the hope that they will bring encouragement to these families." ~Jody, mama to Grant

"I have sweet memories- no, I never got to meet him face to face, or feed him, or change his diapers, but I was given the gift of his life-- his little kicks and hiccups. I saw him waving on the screen, I saw him hiccuping and sucking his fingers. I sang to him, read to him, and told him all about Jesus, and Heaven, and how much fun he would have when he got there. I told him just how much he was loved by us, but yet how much more he was loved and would be loved by his Heavenly Father." ~Jody

You can read more about baby Grant by clicking here.

These little diapers were handcrafted with love by Jody's friend Lynn, in memory of Grant Thomas Abernathy and his sister Miracle Noelle, who was miscarried at 10 weeks.

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