Seams of Love

Susan is the seamstress behind Seams of Love, providing love through her serving hands.
"I've been sewing and crafting since I was a little girl. I enjoy sewing garments, costumes, quilting and sewing home decor. I believe my ability to sew is a gift from God. As I grow in my walk as a Christian I have developed a strong desire to help others. I use my gift of sewing to do just that.

 May my hands faithfully serve the Lord. My He always receive the glory for my good works. I began sewing burial gowns for my local hospitals two years ago. Before retirement, I worked for a research company that developed a life saving device for babies born less than 3 pounds. During our research period

I discovered that parents with tiny babies had no resources for burial clothes and my heart ached for them. It was then I realized that I could help and began sewing these layettes. I sew in hopes that God is glorified through my gifts to those hurting from the loss of a child."  ~Susan, Seams of Love

Thank you, Susan, for the beautiful layette sets that you provided for the families served by Moses Taylor Hospital in Scranton, Pennsylvania!!