The Quilted Castle -- Sawyer's Heart Part #4

Included in our last donation of diapers for Sawyer's Heart, we provided a sweet collection of diapers with fabric from The Quilted Castle.  We are so grateful for the support of the Quilted Castle!!!

These sweet diapers were a group effort!  Cut with love by the wonderful Young Women of the Eastmont Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; sewn up by Gia, one of our SLC Diaper Divas!  62 of the diapers were donated to Sawyer's Heart for Illinois families.

Thank you, Eastmont YW for your night of sweet service for our angel babies!  Thank you, Gia, for always sew-sew-sewing for us!  Thank you, Quilted Castle for your generous support of our mission, and thank you, Sawyer's Heart for the beautiful work that you do on the front lines for families in Chicagoland!