For Love of Heidi

"We were so excited to find out we were pregnant with our first baby. Life just seemed to be working out just the way we had planned. I was teaching 4th grade at the time and was due the last day of school. At our 19-week ultrasound, we were thrilled to find out our baby was a little girl. We loved watching her move all over the place and were told that she looked completely healthy. Another 4 weeks went by and I went in for a 23-week appointment. As I lay on the table, my doctor was joking with me but he seemed to be having a hard time finding our baby’s heartbeat. There was an ultrasound machine in the room and he decided to use that because he said it would be faster. His next words changed my life forever, 'Oh no, this sucks. Your baby should have her heart beating here, but it’s not.'

We delivered our sweet baby girl Heidi stillborn several days later on February 6, 2010. About one half inch of her umbilical cord was not fully developed so she was not getting the nourishment she needed.

We were completely heartbroken and shocked that this could be happening to us, especially when life seemed to be working out just how we had planned. As we held her perfect little body, we felt at peace and could feel her spirit there with us. The following months were so hard and many tears were cried, but we became closer as a couple and were so grateful that we knew she would be our baby forever.
We were blessed with a perfect baby boy just 10 ½ months later who helped fill some of the emptiness we felt. But we will always love our Heidi and think of her each and every day. She taught us so much in the short 23 weeks she was with us and changed us for the better."  ~Laura, angel mother to Heidi
"We wanted a way to honor our angel Heidi for her 3rd birthday. When we heard about this project, we knew that it was the one we wanted to do. It allowed us to get many friends and family involved in remembering Heidi and knew the diapers would be appreciated by those that received them. We would have loved having a sweet little diaper to dress our angel in!"  ~Laura
Many thanks to Laura, Dave, Katie, Cameo, Leslie, Margaret, Carrie, Emily, Valerie, Randa, Rachel, and Sharla for their service in memory of sweet Heidi Cates. 216 diapers were donated to St. Mark's Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah and NILMDTS in Kansas City, Kansas.