For Love of Joshua, Faith and Hope

I first started making diapers in memory of my son Joshua. Born at 19 weeks after my water broke (pPROM). 5 months later found myself unexpectedly pregnant again. A month later I found myself not expecting one baby, but two. Identical twins, who shared a placenta. We were worried about Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome and pre-term delivery. We were, however, not worried about pPROM happening again. It was a fluke they said. It would be like lightening striking the same spot twice. A month later we found out our babies were girls. We were being given a double pink rainbow.

3 weeks after finding out we were having girls. August 5th,2013 at 16 weeks, my water with "Baby B" started to leak. The on-call didn't think it was my water. Said a lot of strange things happen in twin pregnancy. It was late. I didn't want to sit in the ER all night. So I waited and saw my OB the next morning. He confirmed my water was leaking. Lightening has struck twice. I was sent to the hospital and stayed 4 days. I was then sent home on bed rest and to try to make it to 22 weeks. Then I would be put into the hospital until deliver. I lasted 2 days at home.

On Sunday August 11, 2013 I went back to the hospital. I was having some pain. 4 hours after arriving at the hospital "Baby A's" water broke while I was lying in the bed. 20 mins later at 3:16 Aurbree Faith was born into silent. Her heart was beating, but that lasted less than a minute. Amelia Hope followed at 3:17 again silent. I was holding Faith and they wrapped Hope with her in my arms. They weighed almost 4 ounces each and were 6&3/4 and 7 inches long. They were beautiful babies.

We spent 2 days with them and then lied them to rest at Joshua's feet on August 14th.

I never thought I would have 3 Angels to make diapers in memory of. But I do and it helps to know I am comforting other mothers by providing a piece of clothing for their baby gone too soon.
These 24 diapers and 14 blankets went to the Labor and delivery at Cullman Hospital in Cullman, Alabama In memory of Joshua, Faith and Hope Greer.