For Love of Kale

"A few days before Mother's Day, 2013, my husband and I went for our standard 20 week ultrasound. We were excited and scared to bring baby number 3 into our family. With baby number 2 my water broke at 23 weeks, and 1 spent 5 weeks on hospital bed rest. He was born at 29 weeks and spent many months in the hospital, and then a few more years after that needing medical help via oxygen and a feeding tube. After finally getting past that and surviving, we thought we could handle anything my current pregnancy could throw me. We were so wrong, as the ultrasound revealed our baby had no amniotic fluid, no kidneys, no stomach, no bladder, and an enlarged heart. Our baby could not survive. Our hearts shattered at the news. We couldn't comprehend it all and were in shock. We took some time to ourselves and tried to figure out what we should do. We don't regret our decisions at all regarding our sweet angel. We determined to carry our baby for as long as possible, even though the doctors told us that our baby's heart would likely give out any time, and it could result in a still birth. We wanted nothing more than to meet our baby and hold our baby for as long as we possibly could, but couldn't bear the thought of picking the day our baby was born, and would surely die as well.

After a few weeks of me frantically sewing burial outfits, and blankets for a little girl, I turned to Teeny Tears and started sewing. It was such a soothing thing for me, to know that these diapers would bless a family who was suffering and grieving over a baby, like I would be soon. I made a little kimono and diaper set for a little girl, which we had be told we were 'probably' having. The day before our baby was born, I felt the need to make some baby boy things "just in case". I went into labor naturally at 30 weeks 3 days, and very quickly delivered our baby boy Kale Link on July 16th, 2013. We were at the hospital less than 15 minutes before he was born. We were so grateful to have on call the midwife who had treated us with such love during my pregnancy, and acknowledged my desires as a mother, instead of disregarding things because our baby had a fatal diagnosis. She willingly delivered our baby breech.

We spent a precious 40 minutes with our son Kale, before he passed from this life. He got a chance to meet his older sister and brother, and he knew nothing but love. After he died, we spent the rest of the day just holding him and remembering every detail about him. He was buried 2 days before my birthday.

I love my dear Kale so much, and want people to remember him. To remember that I have 3 children. Donating in Kale's honor and memory help me with that. The families that receive a diaper set I sewed on his behalf will always remember him, and will be so grateful. I have an ambitious goal to diaper 365 angel babies by his 1st birthday next year, and this first donation to Arizona will diaper 30 angel babies. I know Kale is proud of the work I'm doing on his behalf, and the healing it brings me."  ~Krystal, angel mother to Kale

Kale's family made diapers for Embrace Palliative Care Program via Arrowhead Hospital in Glendale, AZ

And 32 more diapers for Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno, Nevada
In memory of Kale Link Bockholt