Diapers by Keri

"As a busy mom, I wanted to do something to help others that would fit into our family's schedule and something I found meaningful. While searching on JustServe.org, I found this opportunity to sew diapers. I have several friends that have had miscarriages and difficulties with fertility and felt this was an area I could help out with even though I had not had that particular experience myself.

I made them after the kids went to bed and had a great experience with Teeny Tears. It filled my heart with compassion to see such tiny diapers and know people have these trying experiences.

Our heartfelt love goes out to the families of these angel babies and thank you for opening my heart and eyes to a new point of view."  ~Keri, friend to angel families
Keri donated her diapers for the families served by Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Plano, Texas.