Diapers by Lexie

Lexie is a sweet, 13-year old Young Woman from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Minnesota.  She made a donation of beautiful diapers to our headquarters as a service project.

"Hi, these diapers are from Lexie.  I am doing a service project for one of my Value Projcts at church.  I am LDS (Mormon).  Hope this helps.  Hope they are good enough.  I just started sewing and I'm 13.

I really enjoyed making the diapers! It was weird to think that any baby could be that small, my mom just had a baby and we compared the size of the diapers, the difference was huge!"  ~Lexie, friend to angel families
Indeed, they are good enough, Lexie!  They are perfect and will be dearly appreciated by the grieving families that will receive them for their little ones.  These parents will understand that they were made with love just for them, by someone who very thoughtfully took the time to serve them in their darkest hour. We are honored to place them with The Tears Foundation for families served by St. Luke's hospital of Boise, Idaho.  Thank you, Lexie!