Kelsey's Krewe

Volunteer diaper seamstress Kelsey has been rallying the Louisiana community to come together for angel babies in their state (and beyond)!  Gathering and organizing friends, family, book clubs, sewing guilds, a local high school, Girl Scout troops, and more to the cause!

Many thanks to Kelsey, Cindy, Meara, Tom, Carol, Kelly, Kim, Julie, Jeannie, Ericka, Gretchen, Alayna, Natalie, Monica, Loreen, and the rest of Kelsey's Crewe!

"I am a former NICU RN and was browsing NICU stories when I read of one mother receiving a tiny Teeny Tears diapers. Having been one of those nurses struggling to make tiny cotton ball and tape diapers for tiny micropreemies with frail skin, I very much loved this idea. I know how important it is for parents to be able to provide for their infants. When their baby passes away, they cannot do so many things they dreamed they would do for their child, but through Teeny Tears they can at least diaper them. I think this helps reinforce the idea to everyone involved that this little being is a person, someone who is loved, wanted, and deserves dignity and respect. Even though I am no longer in the NICU, the preemies will always hold my heart. Sewing these diapers gives me a way to still help care for them and their parents. I am a strong believer that every life counts. I am honored to sew in memory of the many little ones lost too early in the lives of my friends and family, & the sweet tiny babies I cared for in the NICU whom I will never forget." ~Kelsey, Teeny Tears diaper activist
Their 356 beautiful diapers have been donated in memory of:

So far their efforts have served the families of:

Women's Hospital of Baton Rouge
Scott and White Memorial
Drake's Doodlebugs
Hancock Medical Center in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
Ochsner Northshore in Slidell, Louisiana
Slidell Memorial Hospital in Slidell, Louisiana