For Love of Gabe and Joy

I became involved with the Teeny Tears project because of my darling baby boy, Gabriel Peter Krusi. Gabe is our 7th child and was our little tie breaker bringing our family to 4 boys and 3 girls. We found out at about 15 weeks that Gabe had anencephaly and that he would not be able to be with us for very long. A few weeks later we discovered that he also had HLHS and that because of these problems there was a very good chance that he would be born still. We prayed for all those months that he would just be born alive so that we could meet him and love on him as much as possible. We were so grateful that our prayers were answered when Gabe was born on March 25, 2013. He lived for 19 wonderful minutes.
I am so grateful for the Teeny Tears project. I have loved being a part of it! I have never really enjoyed sewing. When I first got married about 24 years ago I sold my horse and bought a sewing machine and I have always felt bad about that decision because the horse was a lot more fun than the sewing machine! Now I am really glad that I have a sewing machine and that I can sew a little – at least enough to make lots of tiny diapers. I can’t believe I even have a flannel addiction now. =)

I have loved choosing the flannel, tracing, cutting, sewing, trimming, flipping, folding, pinning, tying ribbon, printing and cutting little cards, packaging and mailing these little diapers. It has been so comforting and healing for me. I have always been taught that when you feel sad or discouraged the best thing you can do is something for someone else, but I never really understood that principle until now. I love this organization and I am so grateful for it. Thank you so much for allowing me to participate! 

 I donated diapers in memory of Gabe for Centinela Hospital in Inglewood, California and the University of Arizona Medical Center.

I was also able to donate about 50 sets of diapers to the University of Arizona Medical Center in memory of my friend Breanne White’s sweet little baby girl, Joy Marie White, who also had anencephaly. I did this in honor of Joy’s first birthday. You can read her story at her blog  ~Angela, angel mama to Gabe