For Love of Hudson -- Hudson David McNeel Foundation

The Northwestern Diaper Dreamers recently made a donation in memory of a fellow local angel family.  They serve the families of the University of Washington NICU through a project started in his memory, the Hudson David McNeel Foundation.

Every cent raised for our foundation is gifted to the University of Washington’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where Hudson was cared for until his passing. Hudson was born at 25 weeks and his odds of survival were 50/50. Our mission is to contribute funds for further research and development, to prevent or aid in the treatment of premature complications and deliveries. The NICU can use these funds for continuing education, fellowship programs, unit expansion, increased technology and infant transport programs. Due to Hudson’s severe prematurity, he needed to cared for in a level IV NICU, which can handle the most complex level of neonatal care. We feel fortunate to be living in an area with these resources available, and were nothing but amazed at the profound care that he received.

The mission behind the Hudson David McNeel memorial foundation is simple – to celebrate, honor and remember his life by giving back and making a difference in the survivability of premature lives…one breath at a time.

"Hudson David McNeel was born January 27, 2011 at 25 weeks. After a very tough fight, Hudson was sent to heaven, but only after leaving a legacy for his family to carry onward. Although he is not physically with us today, he helps by spreading awareness about prematurity and raising money for these delicate lives, all giving back to the NICU where he was cared for, at the University of Washington Medical Center. 

 Hudson is survived by his Mommy, Daddy and sister, who take great pride in keeping his memory alive and making a difference. You can read more about Hudson’s story and the Hudson David McNeel Foundation at" ~Heather angel mother to Hudson
The Northwestern Diaper Dreamers made a donation of 200 diapers in memory of little Hudson for the families of Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Michigan.
"Last week I tagged along to the UW NICU with Jana. She had a meeting and I went along to keep her company. I ending up sitting in the meeting. Afterwards I met Heather McNeel. She is mommy to an angel, Hudson David McNeel. I saw and felt instant connection between Jana and Heather. After the meeting I asked Heather if she would mind if I made my next diaper donation in Memory of Hudson."  ~Carol, Northwest Diaper Dreamers

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