Relief Share!!

This past summer we had the opportunity to make a donation of diapers from our headquarters for the families served by Relief Share of Missouri!

"Relief Share provides clothing & bedding for babies, quilts for the aged, essentials & household goods for those who have lost everything in floods, house fires, or due to job loss. We help wherever help is needed.

Our most precious work is done for the tiniest children of God who only need one last outfit and blanket to be snuggled in. Our hearts are fully engaged as we create the tiny gown, bonnet, blanket and memorial item that will bless the lives of the little ones gone too soon. It is difficult for a new mother to say goodbye before she got a chance to say a decent hello. Our ministry of love includes the families left behind, temporarily, until it is their time to go through that doorway we call death. Memorial items are an important part of the infant demise layettes given to hospitals and funeral homes. When arms are left empty, momentos help ease the pain.

Another aspect of providing infant demise layettes is the healing that surrounds volunteers that have gone through the same experience, some of them still the walking wounded. As they reach out to others in a similar plight, a miracle happens. When they finish the work the Lord has called them to do of succoring the afflicted and sorrowing, they find their own sorrows lessened. The Lord is wise in encouraging us to do charity work - in that, there is much healing and love - a blessing to both the giver and the receiver." ~Carol Green, Relief Share

Thanks to the generosity of many, we were able to make a donation of 912 diapers to Relief Share!!

 Diapers in memory of Jonathan Blake Brookes, sewn with love by his Grandma Norma.
Diapers in memory of Jonathan Blake Brookes, sewn with love by his Aunt Carrie.
Diapers made by the Clearfield 16th Ward Relief Society in Clearfield, Utah
Diapers in memory of Alyssa Ashleigh Erickson, handcrafted by the Spokane East Stake Youth Conference.
Diapers transformed by the Copper Oaks Young Women, Desert Sage Young Women, the Lehi 25th Ward Young Women, and Sara Millward from flannel donated by Arcadia Cotton.  In memory of the Millward Family Angel Babies.
Diapers made by the SLC Diaper Divas from fabric donated by The Quilted Castle.

Diapers made by the SLC Diaper Divas and the Desert Sage Ward Young Women, from fabric donated by The Quilted Castle.
Diapers made by the Sandy Utah Central Stak S.W.A.P. Committee (Sisters With a Purpose)
Diapers sewn by volunteers from YMAD.
Diapers made in memory of the four Hudspeth angel babies, sewn with love by their mother, Jana.
Diapers by Jen Dodson of Pleasant Grove, Utah
Phew!! We did it! 912 diapers to Relief Share!