Youth Making a Difference (YMAD) is a non-profit organization and year long leadership-training program for teens. YMAD strives to build responsible leaders by providing teens with the opportunity to make a difference personally, locally and globally. These experience create a life-changing perspective. At the end of the year long leadership training the teens go to India for 2 1/2 weeks and put everything they learned and prepared into practice in rural village orphanages. When the teens return home they continue to make a difference through service.

YMAD currently has two expeditions made up of local Utah high school students and adult leaders traveling to two remote areas of India. Operation Akata is helping in the villages of West Bengal and Operation Roshni has arrived in the Himalayan village of Chamba. While they are in India they will be teaching English, providing maintenance to buildings and facilities and changing the lives of Indian orphans while changing their own lives.  To read more about YMAD and the differences they continue to make in the world, please visit their blog:  http://www.ymad.org/blog/

On two separate occasions, leaders and alumni of YMAD got together to create diapers for Teeny Tears. All of the diapers were created in memory of MaRee Cowart.

MaRee's mom, Eden shares her story:

"At 18 weeks we found out that our second child, a little girl, was diagnosed with Turners Syndrome. Shortly after that, we found out that she not only had giant cysts on the exterior of her body, but her organs were filled with fluid patches that had spread to the placenta and were spreading to my organs as well. Her chance of survival was less then minimal and was seriously compromising my health. It was at this time that we made the difficult decision to end the pregnancy. On September 15th, 2010 (After 40 hours of labor), our tiny MaRee was born sleeping at 19.5 weeks. It was evident by her physical appearance that she was not meant to stay on earth for long. Even though many of her features were distorted, her smile was very apparent. Our little family has always embraced humor and laughter as a healthy coping mechanism. We are sure that little MaRee's smile was a way to remind us that even in the most difficult of times, a good sense of humor is always important. So along with the tears, we made sure she heard our laughter as well. I can't think of her now with out a grin coming to my face.

We are eternally grateful for the support we received from so many loving friends and family members, as well as medical staff at Riverton Hospital in Riverton, Utah. We are especially grateful to NILMDTS for the images they took of our daughter (they captured her smile perfectly). Our hearts and prayers continue to reach out to those who have lost sweet babies, and we hope that comfort and peace finds you as quickly as possible." ~Eden, MaRee's mama
Thank you, YMAD, for your service to our angel families!!
These diapers were donated for families served by Relief Share of Missouri.