For Love of Adelaide

"Just a few months ago, in July of this year, we lost one of our precious twin girls to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome at 20 weeks gestation. After weeks of devastating grief, I started to prepare for our daughter to be stillborn. I began looking for clothing for her to wear when she is born. I searched website after website and found little available commercially for a baby as small as our Adelaide. I shared my frustration with my sister Laurel who had happened upon the Teeny Tears blog and was able to share it with me. I have been sewing diapers ever since. 

 I experienced greater peace in making these diapers for other loss families than I had felt through anything else I had done to help me through my grief. When I joined the T.T. Facebook Participation Group I saw the Angel Outfitter’s No-Sew Stockinette Hats and decided I needed to make some of those as well. I have absolutely fallen in love with both of these projects. I feel like they are the main thing that is helping me through the grief of losing our daughter Adelaide. It is so healing to know that we are doing something to provide some comfort to other grieving families. 

We have had the misfortune and blessing of knowing ahead of time that our Adelaide will be born sleeping, but I know so many families don’t have time to prepare like we have had. It means so much to me to know that when our Adelaide is born we will have something for her that is her size. I love that we are able to share that same blessing with other families. We are so grateful for the blessing of our twin girls and the good we are able to see happening in our lives and the lives of others because of our angel Adelaide’s sweet short life. She is definitely an influence for good in our family, and I love seeing that influence spread to other families." ~Keira, angel mother to Adelaide

These precious Teeny Tears diapers were handcrafted by Adelaide's family in her memory: Mom, dad, brothers, sister, aunts, and uncle.  For families of UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California.

The Angel Outfitters No-Sew Hats were created and packaged by the Relief Society Sisters of the Cottage Park Congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (in Sacramento, CA) in honor of Adelaide Miller, Ella Reese, Avery Khan, Christian Taylor, Baby Girl Germaine, Joseph Owen Shaw, Baby Mills, and twins Dale Anthony & Gail LeAnne