Angel Outfitters, a Division of Teeny Tears

Teeny Tears Bereavement Diapers is extremely excited to officially announce the addition of Angel Outfitters as a division of Teeny Tears! Their buntings and hats for babies 14-20 weeks gestation have been a true blessing to the bereavement community and we are thrilled to partner with them in their mission to bless angel families everywhere!
What this means for Teeny Tears volunteers:

It really does not change much regarding the functionality and diapering mission of Teeny Tears. All of our Facebook participation group activity, blog posts and website activity will remain virtually the same. All adoptions of hospitals and organizations will remain the same. All contact via email, Facebook or other methods will be handled exactly the same as before. Megan Bradshaw, founder and President of Teeny Tears as well as Vanessa Pollard, Vice President of Teeny Tears, will continue in their roles at Teeny Tears.

What this means for Angel Outfitter volunteers:

Angel Outfitter supporters will now be able to make tax-deductible financial donations via Teeny Tears Bereavement Diapers. All participation group, blog posts and website activity will remain virtually the same. Christine McCracken Damitz, Founder and Director of Angel Outfitters, and Keira Peart Miller (Assistant Director and coordinator over hats) will continue to work directly with all of their volunteers to coordinate bunting and no-sew hat donations across the world. They will organize adoptions, materials, and logistics of all Angel Outfitter requests as they have been doing previously.

We are very excited for this partnership and feel like it is a natural way for our organization to go. We admire the work and energy that Angel Outfitters puts into every item they create and coordinate. We welcome Christine, Keira, and their wonderful volunteers to the Teeny Tears family!

You can visit the Angel Outfitters website here:

And the Angel Outfitters Facebook participation group here: