For Love of Chloe and Gabriel

Chloe Ella's Angel Closet distributes beautiful clothing for tiny angel babies throughout Salt Lake and Utah Counties.  They have become good friends of Teeny Tears and we are honored to contribute to their amazing project for our local families.  In memory of Chloe and Gabriel.  To find out more about their work, please visit their facebook page.

Angel mother Kassie shares her story:

"On January 8th 2013, we were given the most devastating news of our lives. We went in for a routine checkup and found out our little girl had passed away at 20 weeks. We went home to prepare to deliver her the next day. There were so many things that were going through my mind and so many emotions. I felt so completely lost and had no clue what to expect. All I can really remember thinking is "how is this happening and what in the world am I going to dress our tiny angel in?"

My heart was absolutely shattered. We went to the hospital to deliver her and I felt so broken. I kept looking at the bassinet that was in the room with the blanket the hospital provides and kept thinking is this a cruel trick?? How awful for me to sit here looking at that, remembering giving birth to my two perfectly healthy kids and knowing that the normal activities that would take place when a baby is born and put in it wouldn't happen for me. Heartbroken I knew I had to trust what was happening and trust that my needs would be met somehow some way.

When our little Chloe Ella was born, she was wrapped in that blanket from the bassinet and placed in my arms. Shortly thereafter I was visited by some of the most amazing angels on earth. My husband and I prayed for angels to attend us that day and we were sent amazing ones. A dear friend of mine now from "now I lay me down to sleep" came to take photographs of us with our little one. She brought with her the most amazing clothing made especially for a little angel her size. She was dressed and placed in my arms. I knew right then what I was supposed to be doing here in my community and all around the world. Helping dress these babies and providing keepsakes for older children's family's that pass away.
So with lots of help from "Teeny Tears", "Angel Outfitters" and other angel closets, we were able to start an angel closet out of our home to help families. With Chloe we were given a set of diapers from Teeny Tears. One for us and a set for our kids at home. It was so touching to receive those items at such a heartbreaking time. Our little girl was dressed like a princess and she looked so pretty. We treasure the items we received so much. We showed friends and family the diaper we were able to keep to show them how big she was. It is so special to us, as is the clothing and bracelet sets we got.

In August of 2013 we were absolutely shocked and over the moon excited to find out that we were expecting our Rainbow Baby. That's what they call a baby after a loss. I was so happy and yet so scared at the same time. We were told that our Chloe was a fluke thing and that it wouldn't happen again. But there were still feelings of concern .  We visited our doctor every two weeks sometimes every week. Things looked wonderful as we approached the time I lost Chloe. I was very emotional but reassured by his little kicks and nudges.

A few days before we went in to our appt at the exact week Chloe passed, I hadn't felt our little man move. I was frightened but thought I was being overly sensitive because of what happened with our daughter. Appt day approached and we went in only to find out the same devastating news. Our little Gabriel had passed away. We again went home and were extremely blessed to be able to pick out outfits to take for our baby and "Teeny Tears Diapers" from "Chloe Ella's Angel closet." There was a bit of confusion in the ultrasound and we were told that Gabe was a girl, so we packed clothing, but I did listen to call it a prompting... And grabbed 4 outfit sets to take each filled with items donated by Teeny Tears and amazing other people.

I was in labor with Gabe for 49 hours. Longest 49 hours of my life, but in the time we were waiting for him to be born we were able to help other families going through the same thing we were, with the sets I took with us to the hospital. When Gabriel was born, we again were blessed with items from other angel families and a beautiful bunting and a set of diapers for him. I was able to take the time I needed with him. I was able to put tiny diapers on him. What a gift that Friday was. When I said goodbye to his mortal body he was dressed and wrapped up in clothing that was so sweet. It made me feel good as his mommy to know he was wrapped up and warm. When we laid him to rest on December 16th, 2013 he was dressed and wrapped in the most beautiful things. It brought tremendous peace to my heart. 

Teeny Tears has brought so much comfort to my life, and I know has blessed several families going through absolute heartbreak. I'm grateful for the help they have provided me in being able to honor both of my babies by paying it forward. These ladies are my heroes! Thank you all for your love and support. It is an amazing gift to serve other families while I heal and continue to build a legacy in my Chloe and Gabriel's memory. "

Today, January 9, 2014 would have been Chloe's first birthday.  To commemorate this tender anniversary, Chloe Ella's Angel Closet  has packaged together donations that they have received into 152 complete sets of beautiful angel clothing for angel families. 

We were honored to provide gifts from our headquarters.  Many thanks to the Chipman Family, Arcadia Cotton, and the Salt Lake City Diaper Divas (the internal HQ sewing team!)

In memory of Chloe and Gabriel...
From Arcadia Cotton and Diaper Diva Tracy in memory of Chloe and Gabriel...

From the Chipman Family:
In memory of Carter John Chipman, Auria Lynn, Burton Bear, Emeree Hope, and Tera Dawn.
Thank you, Howell Family for the wonderful, tender, and important things that you do for angel families!