Small Town Angel Support

"I was going on a trip to visit my family about 6 hours away, and thought I'd stop by some rural hospitals to drop off some angel baby items along the way. It turned out to be a great way to deliver things, because I got to talk to the nurses in person to see what they needed, and I didn't have to pay shipping :) Ivy, one of our "small town sewer" members had gotten together with her church group and had made Teeny Tears Diapers, blankets, and complete memory boxes! I took some of their blanket and diaper packages, the angel pockets (like buntings) Ivy had also made, and my grandma had just sent me a box of gowns and other things, so I took that along too. Every hospital needed something, so I was grateful that people had sent me things just in time for my trip! My brother also ended up needing a ride home from college, so I added another hospital to my list. Driving through the rural communities of Utah was quite the experience, especially when I thought I was in the right town, but went through it without seeing a hospital, then saw a sign that said, "Mt. Pleasant 5 miles" and realized I wasn't quite there yet! Thanks, Megan and Melissa Johnson for helping me coordinate with that one. 

One of the nurses actually sent me an email before I even got home: 

'Thank you for stopping by today and delivering the clothes and blankets. Your thoughtfulness will be such a blessing of peace and comfort for families in their time of sorrow. We are grateful for the kindness you have shown. Thank you again for your outstanding service to the rural communities of Utah. Merry Christmas!

Sincerely, Kam Wright, RN Heber Valley Medical Center' 

I'm so grateful that my sweet helpers continue to sew items for those small hospitals that might not have any angel baby items. I haven't been able to do much myself for the past few months, but thanks to them, angel parents in small towns are still being taken care of."  ~Carrie, angel mother to Cassidy Austin