Diapers by the Heritage Ward in Fort Worth, Texas

Here are some pictures from our Teeny Tears Service project for the Heritage Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Fort Worth, TX on Oct. 26, 2013. This came to me as part of my calling as the Humanitarian Aid Specialist in our ward (congregation). 

I began this adventure this summer when I was in Alaska and made my mom help me do a few to get started to make sure I could do it. When I decided I COULD do this, I decided it would be the PERFECT project for our ward. So after many months of planning and prepping, our event came, and went. We had a three hour block at the church where we completed about 250 diapers. About 5 or 6 ladies then split up the rest to finish and we came together about 3 weeks later as a group of about 15 and finished pinning and ribboning about another 500 diapers (!!)  that have been donated to several hospitals in Texas. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity for service and all around good time spent with some wonderful sisters and friends in our ward!  ~Azure

Diapers from this special service event have been donated to the following hospitals:

Cook Children's Hospital in Dallas, Texas (this collection made by Azure herself as she prepared for the event!  Practice makes perfect!)
Valley Regional Medical Center in Brownsville, Texas
Christus Spohn South in Corpus Christi, Texas
Methodist Child and Heart/Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas
Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Temple, Texas
Central Texas Medical Center in San Marcos, Texas