For Love of the Pollard Angels Part #4

Vanessa Pollard, Vice President of Teeny Tears, hosted her 3rd annual event in memory of her three angel babies.

More than 40 friends, family, and fellow angel mamas came to help make Angel Outfitters buntings!  (Angel Outfitters is a division of Teeny Tears).  Several others showed support by sewing buntings in their homes across the country.

Several members of our Facebook participation group were able to meet in person for the very first time.  It was a wonderful and memorable event!  

This is the wonderful Vanessa:
This is Christine, the Founder and Director of Angel Outfitters:

"I have lead and attended many sewing events for Teeny Tears, yet whenever a new event comes around I am once again shocked at the outpouring of support in both volunteer service and materials. This year's event did not disappoint. What can sometimes be more important than the number of buntings or diapers created is the relationships and camaraderie that is formed. I can only say a simple thank you to the people who continue to show up and help me and Teeny Tears make a difference in this world. 

 In the case of this event we completed 150 buntings that were brought by Angel Outfitters to the event. They needed to be finish stitched and ribboned. Then we managed to cut more yards of flannel than one could probably wrap their head around. In the end it all equaled 103 completely finished buntings, 385 buntings ready to be finished stitched and ribboned and a 28" tall stack of cut outs ready for the entire process. That doesn't even include the additional flannel that was donated happily to Angel Outfitters. 

I am blessed and so very lucky to be affiliated with Teeny Tears and cannot wait to attend events all over the state as I begin to prepare for my 4th annual event."  ~Vanessa, Vice President of Teeny Tears

 Christine, Megan B., and Vanessa