For Love of Mara in Chicago

"The leader of the support group that I attended after Mara died asked me if I would bring some diaper samples to a bereavement conference being held at her hospital. She loved the diapers when I brought them to group as something that I do in memory of my daughter. I donated some to her hospital and she wanted other hospital personnel to see the diapers in person. Being at the conference was a wonderful chance to hear from hospitals that were already using Teeny Tears diapers about how much they were appreciated by the staff and the families. The nurses loved having something to offer the families that was handmade with such love. The conference was also a great chance to introduce new hospitals to the diapers. Nothing is as convincing as seeing how truly small the diapers are and touching them to feel how soft they are for delicate skin." ~Katrina, angel mother to Mara Grace.

In addition to handing out 140 diaper samples to staff attending the conference, Katrina worked hard after the conference to donate 412 more diapers for 7 Chicago-area hospitals that requested diapers!  

Diapers were donated in memory of sweet Mara Grace to:
Adventist Hinsdale
Adventist Lagrange
Adventist Bolingbrook
Presence Mercy Medical Center
Seasons Hospice
Central DuPage
Rush Copley