For Love of Adelaide Part #2

"As a Christmas present to our angel Adelaide, family members near and far put together a donation of Angel Outfitters Buntings, No-Sew Hats, and Teeny Tears Diapers for the hospital that performed the laser ablation surgery to try to save her and her twin sister from the devastating effects of twin to twin transfusion syndrome."

Baby Adelaide did not survive TTTS, but her twin sister lives on.  To read more about their story, please click here.

The doctors and nurses at UCSF were amazingly competent and compassionate during one of the scariest times of our lives. We are so grateful for all they did to try to save both of our girls and feel we owe our survivor's life to them. We wanted to make sure they had some bereavement clothing for families like ours, and we are so grateful that they accepted them.
My sister Laurel (in Nevada) introduced us to the projects and suggested the idea of a combined donation, all of us working together to supply a hospital in memory of Adelaide. 

I loved the idea and feel so grateful for her support and thoughtfulness. Mom (in Utah) sewed several pairs of diapers. My sister Vanisha (also in Utah) sewed blankets and included a small square of the same fabric (sewn like the blankets) for a keepsake, which I thought was a lovely idea. My sister Bethany (in Virginia) sewed a couple pairs of diapers and several buntings.  My husband and I were able to contribute a few buntings and a bunch of hats :) Our children enjoyed helping by turning up the brims of the hats and putting pairs of hats in baggies with the diapers.

Our families donated 10 blankets with keepsake squares, 20 buntings, 20 pairs of diapers, and 40 pairs of hats. I loved that this donation was gathered from across the United States for the families served by UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital in San Francisco, CA. It was so nice to work on this donation together in memory of our Adelaide, granddaughter, niece, sister, and daughter."  ~Keira and Israel, angel parents to Adelaide.