For Love of Melissa

The Babcock family made a donation of diapers to the Teeny Tears headquarters.  This is their story.  

"My name is Michelle Babcock.  My husband Brian and I have 5 children: Ashley (& Jared), Carter, Emily (Melissa's twin sister), Melissa, and Jake.  I found your organization last year as I was browsing the internet looking for a way to help other parents/families who have lost little babies.  I was immediately touchd by the efforts for so many who have donated tiny little diapers to your special organization and wanted to help do something.  

I am sending you these 125 diaper sets (250 diapers) to donate to a hospital that is in need.  It doesn't matter where you send them or which hospital you donate them to... whatever you feel is needed.  My hope is that these tiny diapers will help the families that receive them feel comfort in some small way; and that they know there are those who are thinking of them.  My heart is tender when I think of these families hurting and missing their little ones.  This hits close to home...

A little over 19 years ago -- 1994 -- twin girls were born to our family, Emily and Melissa.  Our daughter Melissa was born with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.  After a day and a half, our little angel Melissa passed away in our arms.  Then the nurse/hospital brought our little angel Melissa to us, she was dressed in tiny jammies and wrapped in a special blanket.  Our family treasures the handmade quilt, her jammies, hand and foot prints, lock of hair, and a mold of Melissa's hand that were given to us after her passing.  Every year around the anniversary of Melissa's passing (or Christmas time), our family likes to donate a blanket, jammies, etc. to Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah to share with someone in the unit that our Melissa was in.  Our hope is that this will in some way bring some comfort and love into their lives.  

When I came across your organization last year, I felt strongly that I need to help.  I had friends and family help me with this diaper donation along the way.  Some of the young women and young women advisers in my ward helped me cut the diapers out of the fabric.  I sewed the diapers; and along with my family, we pinned the diapers together and put the ribbon and card on each diaper set.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me help Teeny Tears.  It has been a blessing in my life over the past few months.  I'm already at work on my next donation project for your group."  ~Michelle, angel mother to Melissa

The diapers that the Babcock donated to the Teeny Tears headquarters were donated for families served by the following hospitals in Colorado:

Evan's Army Community Hospital
Memorial Hospital Central
Memorial Hospital North.