100,000 Diapers

Thanks to the hard work and generosity of many many many amazing Teeny Tears volunteers around the world, we have been able to donate 100,000 DIAPERS through our project to families going through a very tender time in their lives. We wish that nobody ever needed our diapers. But since they do, we are so glad that there is something that we can do for these special angel families, anything to try to soften their road as they walk such a difficult path.

Our mission to "diaper the earth" has already succeeded far beyond our wildest imaginations, and we are just at the beginning of our journey!

Gone are the days when angel babies must be left with naked bums because there is nothing suitable. No longer must nurses try to fashion a “diaper” out of cotton balls and tape. Our little diapers offer dignity and modesty to the tiniest angel babies. We will continue to work and sew until no itty bitty angel bum is left uncovered! The love that goes into these diapers tells a grieving parent that someone cares, that someone knows that their child is special, loved, real, and that they matter. Because a "person’s a person, no matter how small".

Miracles happen in this project every single day! "Where love is, There God is also." Mahatma Gandhi

With just the physical construction of diapers alone, more than 20,000 hours of service have been rendered! That is 833 days of round-the-clock service just in cutting, sewing, trimming, flipping, ironing, pinning, and ribboning. Which doesn't include fabric shopping time, standing in line at the post office, or any of the endless hours involved in making arrangements with our hospitals. Then you factor in all of the other precious handcrafted items that have been donated along the way (buntings, blankets, hats, tunics, gowns, remembrance bracelets) and all of the behind the scenes efforts that keep our project running smoothly; the depth of love and sacrifice is absolutely unfathomable!

100,000 diapers donated
100,000 safety pins
20,000 hours of service
3.5 miiiiiiles of flannel

I offer a HUGE thank you to our tireless army of diapering enthusiasts around the world!! In our ranks we enjoy the contributions of individuals, families, sewing clubs, youth groups, Eagle Scout projects, high schools, loss parent grief support organizations, and churches of all religious denominations.

To find out more about the Teeny Tears project, or to make a donation to our cause, please visit us online at: http://teenytears.blogspot.com/

Keep your eyes peeled for the hashtag #teenytears100k as our volunteers take some time to relax and pamper themselves, to commemorate this significant achievement! Today we are celebrating the most generous, industrious, open-hearted, kind, funny, and wonderful volunteers in the world! Well done, Teeny Tears volunteers! WELL DONE.