Diapers by Barbi

 Volunteer seamstress Barbi has made 84 beautiful diapers for angel families in Arizona.

"A few months ago my cousin's daughter gave birth to a stillborn and I made a bereavement gown for her precious angel baby, Benjamin. A few days later, I came came across Teeny Tears and saw how a tiny little diaper could bring some comfort to angel families. 

Twenty-nine years ago I had a miscarriage. I had an ultrasound done on a Friday morning then a call from the doctors office that evening. The call was to tell me I had miscarried and I would need to go in on Monday for a D&C. The only thing I remember is that everything was handled in such a cold manner and I just tried to be strong. My participation with the TT project has helped heal my heart from my loss. Every diaper is stitched with love and a prayer that the families receiving them will find some comfort in knowing that their precious angel baby is wrapped in warm love." ~Barbi Lopez

For Banner Casa Grande in Casa Grande, Arizona and Benson Hospital in Benson, Arizona

For The JLB Project at Flagstaff Medical Center in Flagstaff, Arizona