Heather Glen Relief Society and Utah SHARE of Davis County

Christine Damitz is the angel other behind Angel Outfitters (a division of Teeny Tears the specializes in providing itty bitty buntings for babies lost between 14-19 weeks gestation.)  She serves in memory of her daughter Lily Dawn Damitz, who was born still September 4, 2009 (5 years ago today).  Through the Angel Outfitters project Christine honors her memory and those of countless other angel friends.

"The Heather Glen Ward Relief Society sisters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints contacted Angel Outfitters with a desire to do a service project to create bereavement clothing for angel babies and their families. 

This was a very special night for me personally, as this is the congregation we were attending when we lost our daughter in 2009. The love and support we received while going through this difficult time was overwhelming, and I don't know what we would have done without them! Their desire for continuing service has truly touched my heart. 

We met in early November, and these incredible ladies went to work!! They made buntings, Teeny Tears bereavement diapers, No-Sew Hats, and tiny lace headbands for angels. Their enthusiasm and energy was incredible. "  ~Christine

The results of their efforts over the next three weeks were amazing. Over 300 buntings, over 350 hats, over 500 headbands of various sizes, knit items...

and of course 168 Teeny Tears diapers!
When all is said and done, they have donated more than 1,500 individual items! All these beautifully made outfits have been made in loving memory of the angels born to families in their ward congregation.

The diapers in this collection were donated to Utah SHARE of Davis County in memory of:

Brandon Petersen 
Megan Petersen 
Tyleigh Marie Buchanan 
Tucker Willets 
Andrew Mitchell Kirkham

Thank you, Heather Glen Relief Society Sisters, and thank you, Angel Outfitters!

We are honored to serve the families supported by National SHARE Infant Loss & Support!  Find out more about SHARE on their website and don't forget to "like" them on Facebook!