For Love of Molly Part #2

Holly M., angel mother to Blake and Shane, donated diapers in memory of a friend's angel baby Molly, who was born sleeping.  These diapers were donated to Hilton Head Hospital on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

"We lost Molly in December 11, 2009. She was perfect in so many ways. She was born sleeping at 24 1/2 weeks. We went for a routine u/s and found that she had no heartbeat. I had no idea, that this could ever happen. I had at that time a 10 y/o daughter and 8 y/o son and step son (they are 6 months apart). 

Teeny Tears was the first thing in over 3 years that made me feel like I was helping other angel parents out. Then I became overwhelmed with my older kids' schedules and my marathon training. This is when I found Holly M. (angel mother to Blake and Shane) who completed the diapers that I started and more with all the fabric that I bought to make in Molly's honor. 

I truly can't express what Teeny Tears has brought me in my healing journey and others in their healing journey." ~Jenn, angel mother to Molly