For Love of Meredith

"On June 30 of this past year we welcomed our daughter and only child into this world and within moments said goodbye as she was born too early to make it. I also immediately started making diapers for Teeny Tears (my mom and sister had made some after my nephew passed away). I was excited and energetic about them and worked on them for a few months almost every day. Then I went to buy more fabric. The trip was nothing out of the ordinary, but when I got home I put the fabric with the rest of my supplies and stopped working on them all together. Then this week I gathered some of my finished ones (and some left over from the batches my mom and sister made) to donate 44 sets to Mobile Infirmary. These diapers were worked on by me (Heather), Crystal, Marilyn, & Kim and are in memory of Meredith Danielle Montz."  ~Heather, angel mother to Meredith