Mini-Blankets and Mini-Quilts

For angel babies that are too small and fragile, even for our diapers, we offer tiny little mini-blankets or mini-quilts and stockinette hats for our hospitals.  These are in great demand at hospitals across the country.   We provide one mini-blanket with 2 stockinette hats per family to requesting hospitals.  These special mini-blankets are NOT paired into sets with diapers.

For angel babies 14-16 weeks gestation:
Between 10x10 and 12x12 inches square with two 2" stockinette hats

For angel babies 17-18 weeks gestation:
Between 12x12 and 15x15 inches square with two 3" stockinette hats

These particular mini-blankets must be sewn rather than knit or crocheted, due to bulk. You may create them with flannel on both sides or with flannel on the inside and cotton on the outside. They may be "scrappy quilted" on the outside. Mini-blanket (and larger blanket) corners may be squared or rounded, per seamstress preference. The sizing is provided in ranges to allow maximum flexibility for our volunteers.

Most hospitals request both sizes of mini-blankets.  It is easiest for us to match you with a hospital request if you are sewing both small mini-blankets and large mini-blankets.

You can find out more about the stockinette hats that we include with these blankets by visiting this link.

(For more information regarding LARGER blankets that may be included in sets along with diapers for babies 18-32 weeks, please visit this link.)

For more information about participating in our project, please visit this link. The link describes in great detail the way our project works for the distribution of Teeny Tears diapers, per the terms of use of our diaper patterns.  However, we handle the distribution of mini-blankets with hats to our participating hospitals through the same effective methods.

Mini-blanket sewing tutorial:

Mini-blanket folding tutorial:

Mini-blanket sample photos:

Alternative Folding Option!

Scrappy mini-quilts!