Kaleb Kares

Our HQ team packaged up a diaper donation that will cover the bereavement needs of 13 hospitals in Florida serviced by Kaleb Kares Inc. and Vivana's Memory Boxes. These images contain 884 sets (1,768 diapers) for angel families.

Huge thanks to Holly Clark, Stephanie Little, Nadine H. Stupelli, Michelle Baldwin Babcock, BYU School of Mathematics & Sciences, Isaac Thorell's Eagle Scout Project, Claudia Leneau, Marianna Marrone, Elizabeth Collins, and Tracie Fellows for this collection! So much love. So much service. So many families touched by your hands.


American Quilter Magazine

Look for us in the January edition of American Quilter Magazine, hitting news stands on December 6th!  Very exciting for us at Teeny Tears!


Mini-Blankets and Mini-Quilts

For angel babies that are too small and fragile, even for our diapers, we offer tiny little mini-blankets or mini-quilts and stockinette hats for our hospitals.  These are in great demand at hospitals across the country.   We provide one mini-blanket with 2 stockinette hats per family to requesting hospitals.  These special mini-blankets are NOT paired into sets with diapers.

For angel babies 14-16 weeks gestation:
Between 10x10 and 12x12 inches square with two 2" stockinette hats

For angel babies 17-18 weeks gestation:
Between 12x12 and 15x15 inches square with two 3" stockinette hats

These particular mini-blankets must be sewn rather than knit or crocheted, due to bulk. You may create them with flannel on both sides or with flannel on the inside and cotton on the outside. They may be "scrappy quilted" on the outside. Mini-blanket (and larger blanket) corners may be squared or rounded, per seamstress preference. The sizing is provided in ranges to allow maximum flexibility for our volunteers.

Most hospitals request both sizes of mini-blankets.  It is easiest for us to match you with a hospital request if you are sewing both small mini-blankets and large mini-blankets.

You can find out more about the stockinette hats that we include with these blankets by visiting this link.

(For more information regarding LARGER blankets that may be included in sets along with diapers for babies 18-32 weeks, please visit this link.)

For more information about participating in our project, please visit this link. The link describes in great detail the way our project works for the distribution of Teeny Tears diapers, per the terms of use of our diaper patterns.  However, we handle the distribution of mini-blankets with hats to our participating hospitals through the same effective methods.

Mini-blanket sewing tutorial:

Mini-blanket folding tutorial:

Mini-blanket sample photos:

Alternative Folding Option!

Scrappy mini-quilts!

For Love of Skyler

"On Wednesday, August 19th, 2009 I had a doctor’s appointment to find out the sex of our third child. Ryan met me at the doctor’s office and we went right in to get the ultrasound. Everything looked so good, except I noticed a big black circle on the ultrasound screen. I asked the nurse nonchalantly what that was, and she said …“I don’t know” I asked the tech if it was normal and she said no. It was then, that my world started to crumble around me. I knew something was wrong, but to what extent I wasn’t sure.

After the tech was done, I was sent to see my OB. He sat me down in the exam room and told me that he didn’t know exactly what this was, but that it was going significantly affect this pregnancy. My doctor was immediately on the phone with a specialist and I was scheduled to see him two days later.

We went Friday to see the specialist and he sat us down and he said that our situation was grave and that the condition our baby had was incompatible with life. He told us that the urethra didn’t develop properly, and because of it the bladder wasn’t draining properly causing there to be no amniotic fluid around the baby.

He told us we had a few options, one being an experimental surgery but my baby’s kidneys had to look good. So the next step was to test the kidneys, and the tests came back inconclusive. One said they were damaged and the other test said they were ok. Because the tests were inconclusive we weren’t sure if surgery was the right route.

So we were left with options that pained my heart. We could give the surgery a shot but he didn’t recommend it or we could do a do a D&C, or wait until our baby passed on his own, or we could go to the hospital and be induced.

We went to the temple to find some clarity and peace on what we were supposed to do. When I walked into those temple doors I knew that I was supposed to say goodbye and the only way I could see was being induced.

I went in at 8:00 am on August 30th thinking I would be there for a few days but my sweet Skyler was born sleeping at 7:38 p.m that night. It was a very painful day, both physically and emotionally.

Both mine and Ryan’s family were all there at the hospital when Skyler was born and I am grateful for the love and support that I felt from all of our family. I felt that same support when they were there making diapers in honor of Skyler’s 5th angel birthday."  ~Abby Graham, angel mother to Skyler Jack Graham

Friends and family of the Grahams gathered together to celebrate Skyler's impact on the worldby sewing Teeny Tears diapers for other angel families.  These 130 diapers were donated to hospitals through a bereavement awareness conference in Chicago, Illinois and also to bereaved families served by Columbia St. Mary's Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Stockinette Hats

Inspired originally by the beautiful no-sew hats used by Utah SHARE, many bereavement organizations have been making these wonderful treasures for angel families around the world, including us! We are pleased to release a tutorial on our website.

Please read this entire page before embarking on a hat-making project!
These little stockinette hats are cute, easy, and quick to make for volunteers of all ages! They lack seams that can damage fragile skin and stretch to accommodate varying head sizes, making it very easy for hospital staff to dress these special angel babies. We donate 2 hats per family so that one may stay with the baby and the other may be kept by the family in a memory box.  Simple pastel ribbons and white ribbons are preferred.

Stockinette tubing, in desired size,
narrow ribbon,
small, clear hair elastics (optional)
measure tape/ruler

First cut your stockinette to the required length (See below).* If cut too short, the hats will be unusable. Please make sure to cut accurately.*

*Cutting guideline for different sizes: 

2” width- cut 8” this size will fit 14-17 week babies (small mini-blankets)

3" width - cut 11" and will fit 17 - 23 week babies (for small Teeny Tears diapers, layettes and large mini-blanket sets)

4" width - cut 16" and will fit 24 - 32 week babies (matches large Teeny Tears diapers and layettes.)

Fold cut stockinette piece in half, insert thumb into one side of folded stockinette, hold other side with other fingers.

With opposite hand grab folded edge where thumb is placed and pull it over to the opposite side where other fingers are. Fold Like you are folding a pair of socks. Pull raw edges together and even out.

You should have a raw edge and one that is finished off like pictured to the right.

Next turn hat upright and gather the fabric at the top of hat. Secure with clear small hair elastic.  Use the width of your thumb on the 3" and 4" hats as a good guide on how much space to leave at the top of the hat, and a little smaller than that on the 2" hats.  We do not want the elastic to be really low, nor do we want it dangling off the top.  Please do not use colored elastics or loom bands.  (Alternatively, you can use a clothespin to hold the fabric together before ribboning instead of using clear elastics!)  

Cut ribbon, at an angle to prevent fraying.  6 inches is a great RIBBON length for the medium and large hats.  6 inches is a great RIBBON length to create the smallest hats initially, but the ribbon will need to be trimmed down after tying to be more size-appropriate.  But we still recommend initially using 6 inch ribbon because they are easier to tie.

Add your ribbon to the top of the hats and fold up the brim. Tie the ribbon in a square knot.  Be sure to trim the ribbon at an angle to prevent fraying. We do not accept hats with any additional embellishments at our headquarters and strongly recommend against using embellishments.

***Please remember to donate 2 identically matching hats per family so that one may stay with the baby and the other may be kept by the family in a memory box. 

All done!  So cute!
You can download a printable tutorial for events by clicking this link.

Ordering information for stockinette  

Cotton is beige.  Synthetic is white.  Most prefer the synthetic/white stockinette!!

Claflin is the best source we have for orders over $100. We've arranged a discount with them for Teeny Tears volunteers, their price per box with this discount is the best we have. For bulk orders, please contact teenytears@gmail.com for ordering assistance and special pricing.  (When ordering in bulk quantity, it is recommended to make your order at least one month before your event.)

Med Office Direct

4MD Medical

ProMed offers a discount for Teeny Tears Volunteers on all stockinette with no minimum purchase. Orders can be placed via email or over the phone. Their customer service is excellent. They offer white, beige, pink or blue stockinette in lengths of 25 yards or 50 yards. They charge shipping based on weight and distance and only charge you what it will cost them to ship it to you. Email stockinette4hats@gmail.com for ProMed's price list and contact information.

For Love of Mara Part #20

Angel mother Katrina has made another Teeny Tears donation in memory of baby Mara.  These beautiful Teeny Tunics have been created for the families of Governor Juan F Luis Hospital and Medical Center in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

To read more about Mara, please click here.

For Love of Natalie Jo

Volunteer seamstress Janet sews beautiful diapers in memory of Natalie Jo and all babies gone too soon.

"I'm just happy that I can help and make a difference for a family."  ~Janet
She has provided collections for:

Essentia Health in Fargo, North Dakota
Providence Medical Center in Wayne, Nebraska

Threads of Love in Georgia
Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney, Nebraska
Avera Sacred Heart in Yankton, South Dakota
And children's hospital of Omaha!

For Love of Lauren Part #13

The Watson Family continues to sew in memory of their angel baby, Lauren Grace Watson.  These 200 diapers and hats were donated for the families of Tallahassee Memorial Hospital in Florida.

You can read more about Lauren's story by clicking on this link.

For Love of Emmett

"Here is a little about my first grandbaby Emmett Weisz, who is my inspiration to volunteer for Teeny Tears. 

My daughter Amy and her husband Jerry received the devastating diagnosis of Potter's Syndrome at 19 weeks. They were determined to give their baby the best little life that they could. Baby Emmett arrived 7 weeks early on March 2, 2014 and lived for 48 minutes. He was beautiful and perfect to us. I promised him that I would tell everyone about him and his cute chubby little cheeks. We miss him every minute of every day. I found Teeny Tears by chance and quickly became involved sewing and making hats to honor Emmett. Along the way other volunteers from MN joined including Emmett's great-Grandma and others that are honoring their own grandbabies. Through our heartbreak, we hope to give some hope and comfort to the families receiving these diaper sets." ~Jean Corrow, angel grandmother to Emmett

These wonderful Minnesota grandmothers have donated beautiful diaper, blanket, and hat treasures for the following hospitals:

 Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford, Oregon

24 diaper, blanket, hat sets to Fairview Ridge Hospital in Burnsville, Minnesota

Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, Kansas
Thank you for your beautiful gifts for our angel families!

For Love of Neville

This beautiful no-sew hats were made by Marlene Loehlein in honor of her grandson Neville Loehlein. She contributes to our angel clothing efforts in Minnesota and beyond! Thank you, Marlene!

Diapers by Sarah Reyes Gomez Parts #16 - #21

Volunteer seamstress Sarah has made SIX more donations for angel families in need!  Thank you, Sarah!

 12 diapers for the families served by Great Plains Medical Center in North Platte, Nebraska.
34 diapers for Northwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center in Clarksdale, Mississippi
60 diapers for Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona

50 diapers for IU Health Bloomington in Bloomington, Indiana
12 Diapers for Carroll Hospital Center in Westminster, Maryland
80 Diapers for Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill South Carolina