For Love of Emma

Facebook is a funny place; it's where my 1st-cousin-once-removed Chuck found me. He's one of our Seyferth family historians, up my biological father's side of the genealogical bush. He's a great man and I'm proud to call him family. He recently reconnected me with his daughter, my long lost 2nd cousin Crystal, and it's been wonderful to follow each other's blogs and visit over email!  From the time I was eleven years old, I haven't had much association with extended family and I find myself marveling sometimes to have found such kindred spirits in the family tree.  (Sending a loving shout-out to the whole Midwestern Seyferth extended clan; you know who you are!)

Crystal and I have many things in common, including a stillborn child.  Emma Catherine would have been 11 years old this past February.  In memory of their special angel, Crystal and her girls sewed their first batch of diapers, donating these 16 beautiful little treasures you see below to Genesys Regional Medical Center in Grand Blanc, Michigan.  The good folks at Genesys took care of Emma and her family during the beginning of their journey 11 years ago.  I know that the angel families at Genesys will really appreciate the special donations made in honor of their lovely, beloved Emma.

"Just before taking the diapers up to the hospital, the girls and I sat and prayed for the families that would be receiving a diaper. As I was walking out the door Sissy said, "Wouldn't it be neat if a family needed one of these today?" The innocence of a child right? Of course it would not be "neat"...sadness, grief and destroyed dreams accompany these diapers, but yes, it would be neat to fill a void for one of those families. My biggest prayer is that God provide comfort to a family that suffers an infant loss and if the family is not a believer, that somehow, God uses their experience to draw them near to Him."

Fabric from Aimee

Very early in my journey, I connected online with my beautiful and generous friend Aimee, whereafter we became blog and email buddies. Her little miracle, Connor, was born just a few weeks after my boys.  He had a rough and tumble 4 months in the NICU and is now a thriving little three year old!  She and another NICU graduate mom created a blog and facebook page to support families that are going through or have survived the NICU experience.

The Sprik Family donated money for diaper fabric through our Teeny Tears Paypal account.  I was able to buy several yards of beautiful fabric and I can hardly wait to tear into this pile!!  Thank you so much, Sprik Family!

This post will embarrass her, but I'm too grateful to not post it  :)

For Love of Leah

The very first TTTS friend that I made on my journey was Melissa H.  Our relationship began with a tentative email exchange way back in April of 2009.  Our friend Cyndi H. joined our tiny nontraditional support group in August of that same year.  We are all mommies that lost one child due to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome before spending long months in the NICU with our micropreemie survivors.  I could go on forever (and ever), but suffice it to say that I dearly love these women and their families.

Cyndi and I came up with an idea that has been, frankly, very hard to keep secret from Melissa! We conspired together to create a diaper collection in memory of Melissa's angel daughter, Leah. We wanted to complete the package in time for Daphne and Leah's third birthday tomorrow. We finished just in time and surprised Melissa yesterday.

Cyndi cut out and mailed me a stack of diaper pieces from Ohio....
And I sewed! We ended up with 122 diapers for the angels born at Mount Sinai Hospital of NYC.  (86 tiny diapers and 36 bigger ones.)

Happy birthday, Daphne and Leah!  We love you and your whole family!

For more about our project, please visit Teeny Tears.