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However, if you are interested in participating in the Teeny Tears project, I invite you to also join the Teeny Tears Diaper Exchange group! If you want to help make diapers to donate for angel families in your local community or anywhere else, it's a great place to get started, ask questions, post pictures, discuss your "flannel habit", and share your progress with others involved in the project!

For more information, go to the group link and click on "about".  If it sounds like something you'd like to join, please do!

Note:  you do NOT have to be able to sew to participate!  There are many ways to join our project!

Sawyer's Heart

Sawyer's Heart Project provides immediate support and comfort to bereaved parents who have experienced a pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or the loss of an infant through distribution of hospital memory boxes in the Chicago area.

We are honored to provide Sawyer's Heart with 96 diapers for their memory boxes! These diapers were handcrafted by our very own Vanessa and have been donated in memory of Sawyer Erik Williams.

"Sawyer's spirit lives on in the hearts of many who he touched so deeply in his brief life."

To find out more about Sawyer and the legacy of love and service he leaves behind, please visit:
The Sawyer's Heart Blog
Angels of Hope and Sawyer's Heart Website/Donate
Sawyer's Heart on Facebook

Avi's Embrace

Avi's Embrace is a division of Project Sweet Peas that is dedicated to providing comfort to the families of Indiana by donating packages for those with a child in the ICU as well as to families suffering the loss of their baby.

We at Teeny Tears are honored to provide Avi's Embrace with 50 diapers for their bereavement donations -- handcrafted by our very own Jana, Carol, and friends! These diapers have been donated in memory of Charles Avi Edward.

Learn more about Avi's story and see how Avi's Embrace is making a difference by visiting their website or by finding them on Facebook.

For Love of Carter, Round 2

Teeny Tears enthusiast Jana has been up to her diapering adventures again! Jana invited friends and family to participate in a diaper night; a great time was had by all!
While participating in a March for Dimes event, Jana delivered a donation of diapers to the Labor and Delivery unit at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle.

Surviving twin and miracle micro-preemie Cohen spent long months in the University of Washingon NICU.
These 80 diapers (40 sets) were donated in memory of Cohen's twin brother, Carter Garen Kimmel.  Another 20 diapers were donated to Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep of Everson, WA.  She packaged them in a creative way, pinning the sets together with a straight pin and slipping the distribution cards inside the diapers.
Mommy, Daddy, and baby Cohen!
You can read more about Carter and Cohen here.  You can see slide shows of these special brothers by clicking here.

Jana's mom Carol has joined the Teeny Tears team behind the scenes as our sewing resource expert and dedicated diaper cheerleader.  She has a lot of experience with fabrics, machines, and stitchery and has boundless enthusiasm and love for the tiny angels we serve.  We are very grateful to have her years of sewing experience and mama-wisdom to rely upon for our project!

I think this picture of Carol on a recent cabin vacation really illustrates her energy and personality!
Carol also makes beautiful, tiny angel wraps to go along with the diaper deliveries.  Instructions to be posted soon!
Jana's family and friends love the angel families of the Great Northwest!


Hospitals are always in need of appropriately-sized blankets for their tiny angels and some of our volunteers like to provide them along with their diapers. I am often asked what those "appropriate sizes" are.

When our volunteers make blankets to specifically coordinate with individual diaper sets, they often use:
Anything between 18 x 18 inches and 22 x 22 inches to go with the small sets
Anything between 22 x 22 inches and 24 x 24 inches to go with the large sets

What Materials Should I Use?
All materials are welcome for bereavement blankets. Flannel, cotton, quilted, crocheted, knitted, knits. Whatever your skills and resources are, blankets bless families!  We recommend against fleece for the tiniest blankets, as the fuzz gets stuck on their usually damp skin.  And if you use cotton, you must use flannel on one side that is the soft side against their extra fragile angel baby skin.  Flannel blankets should be double thickness to help with the moisture of these very small babies.It is also OK to put cotton on one side and flannel on the other side.

Knitted or crocheted blankets are also great, especially if they are slightly muted in color.  Knitted or crocheted blankets should be closely woven with no large holes for extremely tiny hands and legs to be caught on or slip through. Contact us at for more information.

For Love of Nicholas, Comforting Hearts

Sara from Comforting Hearts has embarked on a journey to serve the grieving families of Southeastern Idaho.  She recently held an event to gather and create supplies for Mountain View Hospital of Idaho Falls.  She was able to make her first of what promises to be many donations to local hospitals!  Sara and her team of volunteers provided tiny bears and stuffed animals, crocheted hats, blankets, mother-daughter bracelets, memory boxes, and 66 teeny little diapers.

These diapers and all other items were donated to Mountain View hospital in memory of her angel son, Nicholas Garner Storms.  To see more of the wonderful work that is being done in Southeastern Idaho and to learn more about the Comforting Hearts project, visit the Comforting Hearts blog!

Do You Shop Online?

Do you make any purchases online?  Chances are that your favorite stores are members of and they will donate a portion of your online purchase to your favorite diapering cause, Teeny Tears!

Thousands of stores are giving back to their communities by participating in

Carter's donates 1.2%
Hancock Fabrics donates 1.6% donates 3.2% (including gift cards!)
Old Navy donates 1.6% (including gift cards!)
Amazon donates .8% of your purchase**

And so. many. more!

**Amazon is a little weird in that you need to route through for it to track and donate.  Most other participating stores track automatically with your installed button.

Does this cost me anything?
NO!  Registration is FREE.  There are no fees at any time for your participation.  No cost to you, nice donations for Teeny Tears!

How does it work?  Do I have to know which stores are participating?
You do not have to know which stores are participating.  When you register for and choose "Teeny Tears" as your cause, you will download the icon to your toolbar.  Whenever you purchase through a participating store, the purchases and donations will be automatically calculated!  There is nothing for you to do except shop as normal!  (And you have to keep the button installed for at least 90 days or it will reverse the bonus!)

How much will this benefit Teeny Tears directly?
When you sign up for and choose Teeny Tears as your cause, will give a $5 bonus to Teeny Tears just because you registered!  If you make an online purchase within 45 days of signing up, Teeny Tears will receive ANOTHER $5 bonus!  Beyond that, any purchases you make through participating stores will donate a small portion of your order directly to Teeny Tears.

What if I never shop online?  Would this still help?  What can $5 do for Teeny Tears?
$5 for Teeny Tears will purchase enough flannel, safety pins, and thread to soften the road of approximately TEN grieving families.  We are passionate about providing modesty and dignity to the worlds tiniest angels.  We shop sales and rely upon the generosity of others.  We appreciate every scrap of fabric that is dropped on our doorsteps, each stack of diapers that arrives in the mail, and every dime that is contributed for shipping expenses and diaper-crafting materials.  $5 would indeed be a meaningful contribution to our project.

Register for iGive today!  Click here!

For Love of Alyssa

Angel mama Sarah is very grateful for the tender care she received at Magee Women's Hospital of UPMC in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during her complicated TTTS pregnancy with her identical twin daughters.  Alyssa Lorelei Moyta is their angel daughter, having lost the battle to TTTS. These diapers were made by the loving hands of her mother, Sarah, to be donated in her memory to the hospital that fought to save her.

Magee Women's Hospital of UPMC is a high-risk facility and one of the largest Labor and Delivery units on the East Coast.  Sarah has embarked on an ambitious journey to try her very best to fulfill the daunting bereavement diaper needs for Magee Women's Hospital for one full year.  These 72 beautiful little diapers will be followed by about 530 additional diapers in the coming weeks and months. (!!!)  There are many angel families at Magee that will benefit from Sarah's love. (And if there is anyone that would like to donate flannel or contribute diapers for Magee in memory of Alyssa, I can put you in contact with this wonderful angel mama.)


Teeny Tears diapers has crossed a milestone.  Less than a year ago I sat nervously in front of my sewing machine at the kitchen table, wondering whether I would ever be able to convince anyone to use teeny little diapers for their bereavement needs.

My fears were unfounded and our Teeny Tears family has grown by leaps and bounds since then.  Today, I can announce that there have been 1520 diapers donated (that we know about), with more than 2000 diapers currently under active construction in communities around the world.

We are blessed.

Angel Babies

The very very very first diapers that I donated last autumn went to a volunteer photographer for NILMDTS named Heidi whom I am now fortunate enough to call "my friend Heidi".  Heidi is a registered nurse, angel mama, volunteer bereavement photographer, and the mastermind behind Angel Babies.  After losing her beloved Elizabeth Jane, she started Angel Babies to provide brochures, links, personal stories, patterns, and other practical resources to better help parents coping with late pregnancy and infant loss.  She also gathers and creates precious burial clothing and other remembrance items for angels of all sizes and gestations.

Hosting a monthly sewing event in her home is one of the many wonderful things that Heidi does to support the angel families in her local community.  Heidi and her dedicated team of crafters spend their time creating items that will bring comfort to grieving families: blankets, gowns, kimonos, hats, bunting, memory boxes, tiny bracelets, headbands, and diapers.
This photo represents a few of the approximately 72 diapers that the Angel Babies team created at their most recent sewing event!

Find out more about Angel Babies by visiting their website.

For Love of Alyson, From Lompoc to Fargo

I received a beautiful stack of diaper pieces from Lompoc, California. They were made with love by the Mia Maids and Laurels (Young Women ages 14-17) from the Lompoc Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- near Santa Barbara, California.  To the young ladies and their leaders who took the time and effort to create and send these diaper cut outs, thank you so much for your service.  These diapers will be given to angel babies and to their families who are hurting over their loss.
I transformed them into dainty little diapers fit for an angel princess.  These tiny diapers are bound for Essentia Health in Fargo, North Dakota in memory of Alyson Paige Smeby.  Alyson came into the world at 24.5 weeks gestation and bravely fought her battle for 44 days in the NICU before passing away on February 11th of this year.  This special angel is much beloved by the family she leaves behind.

These diapers below will also be sent to Essentia Health in Fargo, North Dakota in memory of Alyson.
Sending our love to the Smeby family as they continue on their tender journey.