Mikayla's Grace -- By The Fabric Shoppe

The Fabric Shoppe provided several yards of beautiful fabric that Jana's team was able to transform into more than 75 lovely little diapers and several cozy blankets for tiny angel babies in Wisconsin.
Soft, sweet, and perfectly sized for itty bitty angels.
 I really love this apple chevron flannel.
 And these super sweet fruit salad prints for boys and for girls.
Jana and her Northwestern Team put together an additional collection of diapers to complete a shipment of 150 diapers for Mikayla's Grace, a wonderful organization that was created in memory of Mikayla Grace Terrill and Chase Gabriel Terrill to support families with a baby in the NICU and those who experience the death of an infant at Madison, Wisconsin area hospitals. They provide NICU support packages as well as angel memory boxes.  We were very pleased to be able to donate diapers and blankets to this worthy cause.

To learn more about the mission of Mikayla's Grace, please click here!
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And THANK YOU to the Fabric Shoppe for making this donation possible!

Diapers for Arkansas -- By Milky Baby Original and Edgemont YW

We received a wonderful donation of flannels from Milky Baby Original.  Milky Baby makes beautiful baby slings, blankets, mei tei carriers, pet slings, and nursing covers.  She also sells the scraps and remnants that are left over from these projects.  It was a generous batch of these scraps and remnants that came our way.

You say "scraps and remnants".  We say "diapers for itty bitty angel babies."  We can make use of anything that is bigger than about 7 inches square.  A little bit of fabric goes a nice, long way.  (Did you know that we can make 14+ diapers out of just one yard of flannel??)

We were able to transform the flannel from Milky Baby Original into 100 diapers for University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) in Little Rock, Arkansas in honor of the Hardin Family.

Little diapers for Little Rock.

With the gorgeous fabrics from Milky Baby Original, we made 50 tiny diapers....

 Oh, the owls... the cuteness of the owls...
And 50 "large" diapers.

We also donated these 36 additional diapers for the angel families at UAMS.
How did we make these 136 diapers?

The Young Women from the Edgemont Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints took these diapers to their Girls Camp for a service project.  Their fearless camp leader (our very own Vanessa) pre-sewed the first stitch and then these lovely girls trimmed and flipped the entire batch during their camping experience. THANK YOU, young Diaper Divas!
And THANK YOU, Milky Baby Original!  Your efforts will help to bless the journeys of 68 grieving families who will deeply appreciate what you have done on their behalf.

For Love of Joseph

Meet the charming and handsome Hyrum McMillan.  He and his identical twin brother fought the often devastating Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome in utero.  Joseph passed away before these little guys were born and Hyrum has battled the effects of TTTS and prematurity for the last thee years.

Hyrum and Joseph's family made diapers to donate in memory of their precious angel in time for the twins' third birthday.  Everyone pitched in to make this priceless gift happen.
My sweet friend Angela (my first local TTTS friend!) wrapped up the diaper sets into organza bags and then all of the little bags into larger organza bags.  The McMillan family donated 172 beautiful diapers in memory of Joseph Steven McMillan to St. Mark's Hospital of Salt Lake City, Utah and Timpanogos Hospital of Orem, UT. 
Thank you, McMillan Family!!  

From Alabama, With Love

Michele E. contacted me with a desire to donate diapers in her local community of Montgomery, Alabama as well as anywhere else that my have an immediate need for our wee little diapers.  She rallied her very busy family (6 children still at home) to the cause; in a short amount of time they were able to make fantastic donations to Baptist Medical Center East in Montgomery, Alabama and Advocate Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois.
Michele and her team of tiny tailors and mini-seamstresses sewed 58 diapers for 29 angel families that will deeply appreciate their efforts and sacrifice.  Not only did they create diapers for these special families, but they sewed or crocheted beautiful, coordinating itty bitty blankets for each and every one of their diaper sets.
With love, from Montgomery, Alabama in memory of all angels born too soon.
Michele was also generous to provide us with a crochet pattern for a teeny little angel afghan that she created.
Feel free to download the pattern by clicking here.

A huge thank you to this wonderful family!

For Love of Leila

My good friend Cyndi was one of my very very very first TTTS friends.  She too is raising a single surviving identical twin.  I love this gal and her wonderful family; she. is. a. gem.  (And she sounds just the same over the phone as I imagined over the internet, hee hee!)

Several months ago, she mailed me a gorgeous stack of diaper cut-outs for our friend Melissa's angel day.  This summer Cyndi and her sister Leticia learned to sew!  Why?  Because they are on a quest to diaper their local communities!!  Their first delivery of 128 diapers was made in time for Leila's Angel Day.  

These precious diapers and beautiful blankets were handcrafted by Cyndi, Auntie Leticia, and several beloved neighbors and friends that love the Hendrickson family and their little angel.  
These diapers and blankets have been made in memory of Leila Marie Hendrickson and have been donated for the angel families at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio.
This is Leila's awesome big sister, Solana and her surviving identical twin sister (and miracle micropreemie) Chloe. Sending our love to the Hendrickson family during this tender time of year and always. xoxo
You can read more about Leila's special angel day and see more pictures by clicking here.  You can follow the many adventures of this fun little family on their blog!

A Little Thunder

Quite often when someone gets bitten by the diapering bug, it spreads to the whole family (and friendship circle, neighborhood, community, etc, ahem....)  Such has certainly been the case for Diaper Diva Vanessa.  This picture of her mother and grandparents flipping diapers together on a summer evening makes me smile!
Thanks to the grand sewing efforts of Vanessa and her family, we were able to donate 240 diapers to A Little Thunder, a wonderful bereavement support organization located in Missouri that provides comfort boxes to local parents experiencing unexpected tragedy from the loss of a baby, either before or shortly after birth.

A Little Thunder was established in memory of Isaac Thor Bryson and these precious little diapers have been donated in his name to the angel babies his family serves.  You can read Isaac's story here.

We donated larger diapers...
And we donated itty bitty diapers...
In memory of Isaac.  Because a person's a person, no matter how small.
To find out more about the important work that A Little Thunder does in Missouri and Kansas, you can find their website here.

You can visit them on Facebook here.  Tell them hello!

North Carolina Magic

The gals in North Carolina are at it again!

To date, these dedicated diaper activists have sewn more than 1400 diapers for angel babies!

This recent donation of diapers and blankets were donated in memory of Ryan Hepler and Micheal Johnson.
They have been donated to:
Women's Hospital of Greensboro, NC
Moore Regional Hospital in Pinehurst, NC
Forsyth Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC
They were able to donate many of their diaper sets with coordinating itty bitty blankets.  Beautiful.
Also, when the North Carolina team learned of an unmet request for diapers elsewhere, they immediately pitched in and mailed out 50 diapers for the angel families in Houston!  These pretty little diapers will be donated through Threads of Love.
Many many thanks to the amazing volunteers in North Carolina!

TTTS Support

Jana and her merry group of diaper activists have done it again, sewing for fellow TTTS families!  These diapers have been donated to the TTTS Support Team, a group volunteers from families whose lives have been forever changed by Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.  These angel mamas reach out to individuals who have lost one or more children to this terrible placenta-sharing disease that affects 20% of identical twins (and triplets).  Teeny Tears diapers will be included in the special care packages they send to these grieving families.

These diapers have been donated in memory of all angels that have been claimed by Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.

This is Cohen; he just turned one.  He helps his mama sew in memory of his own twin brother, Carter, who lost his battle to TTTS.
Everybody loves a Girls Night In!
You can follow the many adventures of Jana, Danny, and Cohen on their blog!

Allegro Fabrics

The good folks at Allegro Fabrics donated some really lovely flannels for the angel families in Washington state!
From this fabric, Jana and her friends and family were able to make 30 precious diapers and several tiny blankets for the angel families served by Skagit Hospital in Mount Vernon, Washington.
Jana frequently hosts Girls Night Diapering Parties in her home.  Many hands make light work!  To read more about the many adventures of Jana and her miracle micropreemie, you can find them on her blog!

These diapers and blankets have been donated in memory of Treyton, Esther, Winter, Gabriel, Elliott, Bloddueth, and Isael.  These angel babies are all from Whatcom County.
Check out all of the wonderful fabrics Allegro Fabrics offers by clicking here!

They also have a wide selection of unique and designer patterns here and here!

Visit their Etsy shop here!

Thank you, Allegro Fabrics!